Thursday, February 19, 2009

A leap of faith

I have hesitated to post this for some reason. There's a possibility our dream won't come true, and in that case, I hate to report back about it. However, prayers are needed, more than you know.
My hubby has a job opportunity. One that would change our life. However, the testing is rigorous...and long....and it begins tomorrow. We're all heading 3 hours east tonight to Jacksonville, Florida where he will begin the first phase. And then we will wait to see if he can move on. We all need a bit of a breather, so the kids and I are going with him and we'll head down to St. Augustine afterwards for some fun and laughter. Boy do we need it! We're excited. And nervous. And I feel as though I cannot breathe at times.

A few weeks ago hubby came home, and we knew that the path we needed to take in our life was changing. We prayed about what direction to go, and felt that we should research two directions. One direction began immediately, two days after his application was put in, in fact.

Since that time there has been much preparation for the unknowing. What if's have consumed our thoughts. And yet there has been more peace in our souls than we have felt in years. There was a talk entitled "You Know Enough" given last Oct. at General Conference by Elder Niel L. Anderson. He said, "Faith is not only a feeling; it is a decision." That struck hubby and I deeply. Even more than that, the knowledge that although we don't know everything or what the outcome will be... we know enough.
We know that God loves us and has a plan if we listen. With our decision to have faith after doing all that we know how to do, we will be okay.

The fear of getting hurt, it's there. The fear of what to do if the plans don't pan out, it's there. But somehow those fears are not important right now, because frankly they are not applicable. Somehow they don't matter when you have made the decision to have faith.

We have taken our leap of faith. And although we are mid-air and our spot of landing is unknown, we know enough.


wilkinson_fam said...

My goodness, woman! I am there for ya. We will keep you and especially Aaron in our prayers. I know the Lord has a plan for your family and will bless you as you follow His direction.

I look forward to hearing "the rest of the story."

Dre Drea & Drew said...

I'm a few days late on this but I will for sure keep yall in our prayers. We are going through something similar in our family with my husband as well

mama brown said...

Start overs are hard but exciting.... our prayers are with you.... the kids and I are having a new beginning too.. it is a longtime coming but will be good for all of us..... everyone is smiling so much now.....

Palmer Family said...

I am a friend of Amanda Wilkinson. I found your blog from her's. It is 4 am and I can't sleep because we are mid-air also and I feel very unsettled about it. This post (and the referenced talk) were EXACTLY what I needed. So, person that I don't know, thank much...for being the answer to my prayers.

Living in Tally said...

So how did everything go?! We need to catch up. Can we come and play tomorrow?

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