Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Today I burned


chicken for lunch


my hand


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Rachel said...

Sounds like a hard day! Okay, so I'm totally not trying to one-up you - because my "thing" today wasn't frustrating, just humiliating - but I walked right through our sliding screen door today. I was happily carrying the kids' lunches outside so they could eat in the sunshine, feeling like such a great mom, when BAM! All I can see is screen, and then it's too late, and the whole thing has popped off its tracks, and it's bent so badly that we can't get it back on. Charlotte had a hard time understanding why I was laughing so hard - I almost peed my pants (which would have just added to the charm of the situation, don't you think?)! I hope you'll picture it and have a good laugh, too!

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