Wednesday, June 17, 2009

is there anything better

in the summertime than fresh basil picked from your garden and then made into pesto? i think not.

btw, I fell in love with this image of martha's garden. incredible. i wanted to steal the old issue right out of the dr's office.

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Rachel said...

Ooh, are you growing happy basil there? I'm jealous. Mine hates me, I am sure, even after I have pampered it.

And yes, it's a beautiful garden. But I really don't think I could be happy with a garden like that, you know? I love my happy chaos!

Btw, I am missing you *ever* so much right now! We are doing Charlotte's birthday party Wonderland-style, and I wish you were here to help make it fabulous! Or at least take pictures and make it *look* fabulous :)

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