Friday, June 12, 2009


i am going to get some balloons and cotton candy and bubbles and take pictures of MY kids. i can't wait. they will cooperate. i just know it. i will have sugar, afterall.

then we will be on our way to a family reunion. hubby made barbeque for tomorrow night. he smoked 20 pounds of boston butte all day yesterday. the dishes are still in my sink. i better get to that. my house smells like pecan wood and savory homemade rubbed pork smoked to perfection. moments like these make me proud of him. is that silly? my husband can cook, people! his barbeque is better than any i have ever eaten. and considering the amount i have eaten since marrying him, that's pretty gosh darn good.

and i have some sun on my face. i always look better tan. except i hate swimsuit lines. but i have to wear something when the kids are splashing in our little pool outside. otherwise, i think it might freak out the neighbors.

so that's it. i better get going. this is going to be good.

and this picture just makes me happy. found it on this genius tumblr blog. so pretty. happy weekend!


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