Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Does the phrase, "it's a small world" ring a bell?

I hope she doesn't mind me blogging about this, but I just had to share some recent events because they are unbelievably random.

A few months ago I was told by Mormon Mommy Blogs that my story would be featured on a certain date. Oddly, it mistakenly did not run on that date and I was told that it would run a few weeks later. In the meantime, Miss Jenna began reading MMB and read my story once it was finally published.

Apparently she liked my style. And I liked her comments. So hello new blogger friend!

I mosied on over to her lovely food blog and LOVED her food style and philosophy because it is very much like my own. She also lives in Switzerland. I just happen to have an old high school church friend that lives in Switzerland. So I asked her if she knew him. I mean really, what are the chances?

Guess who teaches her daughter's sunday school class? My old friend. When she realized this, she added me to her facebook friends. Cuz that's just what you do.

I decided to randomly take 3 minutes to read her profile when I noticed that she is moving to a suburb of Seattle, Washington. WHAT? My Seattle?

It gets better.

I'm moving back there too. Like soon. (details to come when I can wrap my brain around it all)

It's a small world afterall.....

I also remember a scenerio when my brother-in-law was passing through Rexburg, Idaho and stopped at a random picnic where he met my old friend Kelly who I hadn't heard from in years.

Do you have any stories like this? I'd love to hear them!


Kelly P said...

I have a random story ... one time I was at this picnic in Rexburg ... But it's already been mentioned!! I love those stories.

Jenna said...

Your post makes me smile as I wake up on this beautiful morning while you are still sleeping. I can not get the song, it's a small, small world out of my head even before I read your email. There are no coincidences. Fun times await, sista!

aimee heff said...

Moving back to Seattle!? Wohooo!

matt and michelle ray said...

I do love it! I have a story like that too. :)

We lived in a tiny town in NM and on Fathers Day 2008, the day we blessed our new baby, my FIL came to church with us and met the husband of someone he had known way back in Seattle years ago. This husband was just visiting our ward, but as we were leaving I felt prompted to invite him over to our Fathers Day BBQ.

Fast forward a few years and we're living in a tiny town in California when we find out we'll soon be moving to a tiny town in Maryland. A friend in CA says she has a good friend that lives in Massachutses and sends me her blog link, just to see all the fun we'll soon be having on the East coast. Then she emails me and says they will be moving to the DC area and asked if she could put her in contact with me.

Come to find out it's the same family, the husband from the Fathers Day BBQ and the wife from my husbands childhood ward! Crazy! And if you were able to get through all that, and understand it too, I applaud you! Glad to hear everyone's home safe and sound, and hopefully feeling better too!

Anonymous said...

When I lived in Midland TX, some friends of ours came in town from Dallas for the weekend. They brought a friend with them, Matt. I had never met him before.

A few years later.. I'm in Columbus GA going to a single adult activity and Andrew walked in saying, 'Hey I told my boss to come hang out with us today." It was of course... Matt. I agree on so many account SMALL WORLD!

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