Friday, August 28, 2009


Shall we begin? It started when Aaron was hospitalized. When I returned home without him and he began to feel better, he called me and immediately said, "We are moving back to Seattle."

He thought I would be happy. I was. And then I wasn't. I was confused, didn't we just move here? But as I heard him speak about the reasons why, my heart understood.

For some reason Seattle has an extremely high rate of Multiple Sclerosis patients and therefore the best MS doctors in the country are located there. Aaron was actually diagnosed there and his physicians were phenomenal. If an exacerbation ever occurred, their treatment was assessed correctly and we were always confident he would have a full recovery due to their expertise.

However, we have not experienced the same care this past year. When we left Seattle we felt that Aaron's MS was under control enough and that it would be okay to be away. We have learned differently. That is not to say that the care here isn't just as good, but there is something to be said about a physician knowing your history and past treatments.

When he was in Utah, Aaron said he had never before felt "unsafe". He had never before felt like he might die, but he did feel that, and his doctor actually had to contact Aaron's old physician in Seattle for treatment questions. He never, ever wants to feel that way again if he can do something about it.

So there we have it: Reason #1

There are so many other reasons... like my love of lavender, and our favorite china town restaurant kau-kau, and the fact that there is just so much to do! Moving to Florida was a good move for us, because it helped us to see what we really want, what we want to work towards, and what really matters.
The fact is, Seattle feels like HOME.

I think Aaron said it best,

"I'd rather walk in the rain than never walk at all."
details of when and where to come later....


Jenna said...

My girlfriend that lived in China for 2 years said that "Home is where you by your groceries." I am so glad that you will soon be calling Washington State home. I totally understand you feeling all different emotions. Your husband sounds like a smart guy.

aimee heff said...

My mom goes to the Evergreen clinic too. They have great docs there.

Seattle rules. I am so glad you are moving back. When you settle in we will have to meet up.

And I've never heard of Kau-Kau I'll have to go get some grub there.

wilkinson_fam said...

Funny Aimee already made a comment. I was going to suggest you meet up with her upon your return. She knows all-to-well the MS hell you are going through.

Prayers for you, Aaron and the kiddos.

P.S. I adore the "walk in the rain quote" . . . so poetic and fitting.

Sarah in the Middle said...

Is that pic of the market yours? Jordan really likes it. Can I get it or buy a print from you or something? He is missing Seattle and a little jealous that you're moving back. But, now we have two reasons to visit (Rachael). If you guys drive back, Kentucky is a great stop along the way!!

Cortney said...

Carrie, I hope the move back is easy and that you find a fabulous place when you get here.

Darren and Brandi said...

You're moving back?? Wow. How exciting for all us Washingtonians! Let us know where you end up. We'll be in Sammamish.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that his favorite person in the whole world lives in Seattle. Well other than a couple kids, maybe a wife, Clay Aiken, Randy Couture, Sanjiya, the Easter Bunny, Fonzie, and Michael Vick.

Okay, I know that Sanjiya isn't a real person, but I also know how much Aaron really likes him.

See you soon!


J said...

Good doctors mean everything. Kat loved Utah for the same reason, one of the world's best MDA- Myasthenia Gravis doctors is in SLC.

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