Saturday, October 3, 2009


can i just say that when a little girl makes a lemonade stand with a cute sign and sits in the hot sun during a garage sale.... it is MANDATORY to buy some!!

i am APPALLED at people in the world today.

is 25 cents really too much to spare?

my poor girl.

so many "no thank you's".

i would buy all the glasses of hot lemonade in the world to make a kid smile.

just the other day i stopped and bought some from two boys whom i paid way too much.

that's just what you do.

not my picture, you see all that cash?


Stephie said...

oh my goodness-that's awful! i would have bought some from her! :)

Crafty Mom said...

I always stop when I see a kids lemonade stand!

Mo said...

you are so right. I am going to make an effort to stop at more lemonade stands!

gkgirl said...

i totally would have bought some..
if i mail her 25 cents,
can she mail me some lemonade...

or even a picture of the lemonade...

Sarah in the Middle said...

please people - you ALWAYS buy what kids are selling at stands in their front yards. ALWAYS.
The other day I bought a cup of red Kool-Aid from two kids for 50 cents. I don't even drink Kool-Aid, and I had to take a sip for show. The rest got dumped later, but that's not really the point, is it?

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