Sunday, November 29, 2009

First things First


The first thing we do when we move and go to our new church is check out the people. We're not checking out who looks nice or who is friendly or who checks us out back. Instead, we check out who looks Polynesian in any way shape or form.

Then we make friends. Quick.

Our conversation goes like this...

Aaron: Hi! Where are you from?

Them: Hawaii

Aaron: Really? That is awesome. We LOVE Hawaii. I actually speak Samoan. I learned it on my mission in California.

Me: Ya. We're wanna-be Hawaiians. We even named our son Kai(Hawaiian origin meaning the sea) hoping that he would come out Hawaiian. He's pretty white though. Like, really white. Albino even.

Aaron: Oh come on Carrie! He's not THAT white.

Me: Uhm ya.. Unfortunately he is. Wanna see a picture?

Them: haha. hmmmm.. Ya... he's pretty white.

Both of us: So do you cook anything traditional?

Them: Ya.

Aaron: Perfect!! Well, we love to cook and love to eat anything Polynesian. We like the real deal. Carrie even knows how to make Pani Popo(a Samoan dish) and I can make kalua pork etc..

Them: Cool.

Us: So we should get together for dinner!

Them: Ya, that would be great.

Us: So we're free on Friday. Well, wait, that won't work.. how about the week after? That would be perfect and you can show us your skills because we are definitely craving some lau lau and lomi salmon.

Them: Okay.

Done Deal Brah.

And then we ask, "so, is there anyone else here that is Polynesian too?"


And it starts all over again.....


Annette said...

You guys are a hoot!

Rob said...

WOW!!! I do the same thing!!!

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