Wednesday, November 18, 2009

organizing whimsy

i call it my whimsy.
i feel excessively playful when i open it.
i feel freedom and ideas and floods of inspiration.
whimsy. definitely.
it's my craft/design binder.
it's awesome.

my favorites menu on my browser went on overload a few years back because i obviously used it to bookmark ideas or sites that i love. problem is, i forgot about all those fabulous ideas and sites and didn't always have the time to search through it all to find that one thing.

in comes my binder.

i took a few hours and printed out every idea/instruction/online template that i loved and categorized it in a binder. here are my categories: 1)decorating 2)sewing 3)parties/entertaining 5)holiday crafts 6)random crafts/gift ideas 7)organization

if i like something in a magazine, i tear it out and put it in(and recycle that magazine so it doesn't waste space). if i see something online, i print it out (pattern included).

easy. done. check.

now all i have to do is pick up my binder if i need a gift idea, party decorating idea or plain old inspiration.

i am so excited to start my handmade Christmas (news on that to come) because of all the ideas i have collected. it is also so helpful when i simply need an inspirational push.

so get to it, folks! have fun making your whimsy!

*and for the adorable soft tree pattern that I cannot wait to make (been in my binder since last year).. go here


Mommy #1 said...

That is really, really cool! How do you find time to make things like this? What sites are your faves for finding cute patterns/ideas? Just curious! ;-D

Darren and Brandi said...

Brilliant. I should do that. :)

Belcher Brigade Blog said...

Are you OCD?? :) I think about organizing things like that but it doesn't happen to quick, I've been thinking about my recipe book for over a year :) Great idea about the 'idea book'

gkgirl said...

love, love, love this idea.

and my bookmark menu is much tooooo full as well...

Snelders said...

Hi Carrie! First of all, I love reading your blog. You have such a great way of expressing yourself. Its just a fun blog to read and I visit often! Anyway, in response to the comment you left on my blog, the deals at Albertson's were mostly from The Grocery Game. In addition to the sales, bonus buys, and regular coupons, I had received (3) $5 coupons from my shopping trip the week before just for buying $30 worth of General Mills products. I was able to use all 3 coupons in one shopping trip, so that was an additional $15 off of my total bill. I definately save money every time I shop, but this was my best ever savings - hence the blog post. I do have to give you all the credit though for suggesting The Grocery Game. Seriously, THANK YOU!! Its definately a lot of work (just like you told me) but its been worth it!! Another site I have discovered is - check it out. So, where are you living these days anyway??

Cortney said...

I have wanted to do this for some time...I hope mine is full of just as many wonderful things someday! :)

rlcollins7 said...

love this idea! adopted by me now!

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