Saturday, December 19, 2009

four and waiting

Happy 4th birthday, my babe! (3 days ago on the 16th)



Following my super smart friend Mary's lead, I let Kai decorate his cake this year with a bit 'o guidance. Brianna was thrilled to make the lightening bolts. According to Kai,
the cake had to be SUPER.
I remember this day four years ago so clearly. He was due on Christmas Day, and frankly, there was no way that I was going to be okay with still being pregnant then. However, due to my "no interference" view, I was just going to have to deal with the possibility.

The night before I finished some last minute shopping (getting a car seat) and I was in so much pain that I had to sit down in the baby's r us rocking chair for at least 30 minutes. My friend tried to calm me down and rocked alongside me too.

The next morning around 2 am I knew I had to go to the hospital. We finally got there at four, and hubby was disappointed that I told him we didn't need to speed since I knew I was only at about a 6.

We called my mother-in-law at that point since she was 3 hours ahead, and she gasped and the tears came. It was the same day that Aaron's father had passed away. We knew Bob Stroud had something to do with it! Instead of mourning on this day like years past, we would be able to celebrate and we were so grateful.

For some reason, when I was at 9 cm by 5:30am, I told the nurse that my daughter had stopped breathing after she was born. I have no idea why I said that. I certainly wasn't thinking that it would happen again.

My labor was so hard. Excruciating. By this time at 9 1/2 cm I broke down and asked for drugs. I knew I could do without them, but you always have this peek of no return when you literally feel like you are dying. This was MUCH faster than Brianna and so much more pain.

A bit after 6am with 2 pushes he was born. And then he stopped breathing and was rushed to the NICU.
I had to stay in the hospital bed waiting again for 4 days without a baby. I cannot tell you how dark and hard that was. On the 5th day he was well enough to go home, and I also cannot express how amazing that was!

My son, whom I had waited so long for, was home with me healthy and hungry. He was so worth the wait.

He was, and still is, a Christmas gift to all of us.


Mary Seals said...

::gasp::: Am I the "super smart friend"?! I know it's a little sad when you know deep down inside that you are a cake decorating goddess - to let your kids do it themselves, but my kids LOVE decorating their own cakes. LOVE it! How can I not let them on THEIR special day, you know?? ps-you can let the goddess out from time to time by decorating cakes for other people (when you have time. haha)


Stephie said...

Wow, I think your kiddos are better at decorating cakes then I am! What a heartwarming birth story too. He must be a very specially little boy!

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