Friday, December 18, 2009

wrapping and such

This is so embarrasing to admit, but for some reason I require myself to have the best wrapped presents compared to everyone else. My sis-in-law Carmella concurs that I am psychotic about it because every year she mentions that my wrapping is the prettiest and I say, "I know, right?!"

Thank goodness we are having our Christmas with just our little family again. That way, I can have a break from my psychotic behavior. Regardless, here are some adorable gift tags for you to download. I love super great stuff like this to make you look better than everyone else. Did I just say that outloud?


Kalena said...

I have the same obsession as you! I bet your gifts are beautiful! And thanks for the gift tags I loooove them!

McKenna said...

lol i have a feeling you're going to love Robby's wrapping job on your present then ;)

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