Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's be honest {I have a lack 'o Christmas cheer}

My husband hates it when I say that. I guess I say it a lot, and he always says, "Carrie, I never assume that you arn't being honest."

But truly, right now, I am honestly saying that I am depressed about Christmas decorating.

I don't want to do it. The realization that I live in a tiny apartment = no longer a bright and spacious house hense space to decorate = Christmas decorating sadness.

I am really really sad.

But I saw this picture today and suddenly my senses awakened. I thought, "Carrie, get yourself together. Decorate already. You NEED to."

And so I will, hopefully when my plate is less full this weekend. I'll get my boxes out and unpackage my prized nativity and sparkle the place up a bit.

Even if it's only for a few weeks, it's time to bring on the Christmas cheer.

Let's be honest.


aimee heff said...

For some reason I always say, "I'm not going to lie to you" and my co-workers always use to make fun of me. So let's be honest, I feel your pain. ;)

Decorating will make you feel better. It doesn't matter the space, just having the spirit makes one happier.

Jenna said...

I say that too, and I am an honest person. I wonder if some people say it and they are liars?

I hope you get your Christmas decorations up this weekend - if I was there I would bring you a fresh wreath from Costco with a fabulous simple thick ribbon and put it on your door. and give you a big hug. and help you decorate, while the kids played.

You have a very full plate - when you do get the house decorated and get it in the Christmas spirit - leave the decor up for a while - like until sometime in January?

We are in a lovely apartment this year too - my "mantle" is our entertainment center :) YOU make it fabulous, I can feel your pain of not being in a house though.


Dianne Schultz said...

I always decorate the weekend of Thanksgiving, but not this year- "things" happened. Last night I managed to put up my outside lights. My big debate with myself is, do I get a real tree for week or do I forgo the tree..unthinkable. this weekend I too will be decorating and trying to get in the festive spirit.
Enjoy decorating with your family

gkgirl said...

i think a phrase i use quite often
"no..i mean seriously..."

and i'm always serious.

and i start alot of sentence with



and i know you will shine at decorating a smaller space as much
as you did with a larger one...
you have a fantastic eye!

Cnidy L Clark said...

Carrie, I love it when I find a picture that inspires me to get up and "get-er-done"! I have had the same problem this year, our big family Thanksgiving was celebrated late and just took down the decorations....I was toying with the idea of not putting up the Christmas decorations and ran across a simple, elegant window scene and I said - OH, now I want to get my stuff out and "GET-ER-DONE"!!MERRY "CHRIST"MAS EVERYONE!

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