Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have always said that I wish I was really really good at something rather than good at a lot of things. I received a blessing once that told me "many are your talents." That annoyed me a bit.

Why can't I be amazing at something instead of good at many?

What I think I am good at:
  • photography
  • sewing
  • writing (although this blog is the worst example of that. Here I write like a conversation I'm having. Talking out loud. I DO know correct grammar, sometimes, I promise.)
  • decorating my home
  • cooking
  • blogging (ha.ha. that was fun to add, although not true)

My frustration begins when I am aware of my lack of perfection in each of these areas. I know, I know. This life is a journey. Perfection is an unreasonable request. However, when I view others and their overall success in their own talented areas, I am moved to become what they are. Not exactly what they are, but their inspiration drives me to complete my talents in resolution. To no longer lack. To reach it's full potential.

I am sure I should be grateful to have any talents at all. Although some I would hardly call a talent. Let's not even get into what I am NOT good at. Please tell me there are others who feel the same way as I do.

But what is a talent, really? I have heard many versions of this answer. My own perception has grown lately, and I believe it is now the key to understanding that who I am and what I strive to accomplish is more than just good.

A talent is something you are passionate about. Something that you create with your mind or hands or both. Something you love.

I guess if that is the case, then we are all amazing at something.


Mo said...

i feel the EXACT same way. I wish I had the time to dedicate to my talents to make me really really good at them! oh well, that will never happen as long as i have children in my house!

Jenna said...

Thank you for reminding me that I do have talents. I am a very passionate person about certain things - other things I could care less about.

There was a talent show at a women's church meeting a while back and I thought - hmm? The only talent I can show and present to someone would have to be that I can put lipliner and lipstick on without a mirror?

To everything there is a season . . .

staceyj76 said...

My talent IS being mediocre. Just kiddin'. :D

Kelly P said...

Carrie - I have had these thoughts a lot, too. And I just recently read a book - The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell - he has this theory that to be REALLY good at something, you have to work at it for 10,000 hours. And that's a lot of time!! I decided I didn't have that much time - and I guess I'm okay with just being "good" at a few things and not amazing at anything! lol.

iamwoman said...

lipstick AND lipliner without a a mirror? I'd call that a talent for sure!

Although I know for a fact that you have so many more...

And might I just add, that I think raising children to be decent human beings is a talent in itself:)

Candi said...

I feel the same! I can pretty much do anything that I try but I'm not excellent or an expert at any of them. Most of mine center around being crafty or making things look beautiful. So am I an expert beautification consultant? Hey that sounds pretty good, I just might go with that.

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