Friday, January 22, 2010

That intoxicating scent

I smell it in the morning when I take a shower. It's my Aveda shampoo, and I can't get enough of it. The scent of mint and rosemary is such a fabulous wake-up call.

But today I was wondering what I really love about it, and then I remembered. A couple years ago hubby always had business trips to Portland, Oregon. He usually stayed at the Riverplace Hotel, and the kids and I often attended his trips with him! The rooms were so soothing. Rosemary/cedar/thyme and mint. Truly a treat. Warm chocolate chip cookies at the front desk upon every entry into the hotel. Yummy vanilla Tillamook ice cream. Soothing river views. The best hotel staff I have ever come in contact with. One even wrote a poem for my sweet Brianna on her birthday! Truly. Intoxicating.

Likewise, Aaron recently woke up to the smell of banana bread that I had made right before I went to work. He said it was so great.. to remember when I used to do that often:)

What scent helps you remember another time and place?

PS. I am REALLY tempted to take a weekend trip down there this spring with some girls. Any takers?


aimee said...

I'll have to go down to that place. It looks dreamy.

I love the smell of cooking cinnamon rolls. Mmmmmm.....

Kristie and Ryan said...

have I ever told you that I love your blog?? I mean, it's a given, but I love your blog. It's confident but vulnerable, creative and beautiful. It's you and that's why I love it.

as far as intoxicating scents go, I relish the smell of my baby boy's room in the middle of the night. Some might call it an unpleasant smell, but it's made pleasant by association. I could drink it!

and play do. the real stuff. I take long deep breaths of it whenever the girls get it out. crack the lid and breathe it in. It's the smell of everything that's good about being a kid.

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