Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's in my cart

(my pictures won't upload so you get to see this one from a post last year again)

I was in the grocery store line the other night and I started to look at the items in the cart of the customer in front of me. As her items were being scanned and put into bags, I noticed how different my grocery items were in comparison to hers. In fact, our shopping list was the complete opposite from each other. Then I started to look around at everyone else's and I was really surprised at how different they all were from each other. I mean, really different. For some strange reason, this struck me. Is that weird?

It was interesting to me to realize what each of us brings into our homes. What ingredients we use most. Are we convenience shoppers? Do we menu plan? Do we prefer frozen food over fresh? What foods can we not live without?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you what is on MY list. Or lame. Either one. Is it similar to yours, or are we completely different? Now I can also have this list for posterity, because I just know my great-grandaughter is going to want to have it in her geneology trunk:)

I pulled out my receipt from Monday night, so here goes...

Produce (oh how I wish they were in season instead of shipped here)
lettuce (endive, winter greens)
cherry tomatoes
red and green bell peppers
baby carrots

Meat and Fish
lean ground beef
boneless/skinless chicken breasts

plain yogurt (I love Mountain High)
cottage cheese
squeezable yogurt
frozen broccoli
frozen corn
rolls (because I will be lazy on Sunday)

Dry Goods
red wine vinegar
sweet chili sauce
olive oil
whole wheat linguine
oats, quick and regular
sunflower seeds
whole wheat pastry flour
calrose rice
9 grain bread
white bread (because my husband won't have any other kind)

green beans
diced tomatoes

graham crackers
low sugar capri suns
ritz crackers

What's on YOUR list friends?

P.S. Something we adore is our Real Simple grocery list at Target in the office supplies/folder aisle. This little dandy is awesome by listing foods/house supplies in each category and has spaces for you to add your own. Just check a box when you realize you need an item or when you meal plan, and then tear it off for every shopping trip (the pack lasted us a year). LOVE it.

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Mo said...

great list! My list is pretty similar, but I can't seem to leave the grocery store without skinny cow ice cream. we love it!

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