Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phil Love

I forgot today was Feb. 2nd. How could I forget? It's just about my favorite day EVER. I love it. Memories of my childhood. Seeing THAT restaurant in Punxsutawney (my brother Miah was baptized a member of our church there.) Really good curley fries. A groundhog tradition that is quite ridiculous and celebrated like the Fourth of July.

BTW...it's 6 more weeks of winter.

Did you know that I am from Pennsylvania? I am. I lived there in the beginning of my life, in the middle, and right up to college. I lived other places in between, but Pennsylvania is where I say I am from when people ask.

Then there are memories of sitting on my cousin Jackie's couch watching the movie for the first time. I about freaked out I loved it so much. Jumping and laughing. So. Much. Fun.

It's a movie night for sure. Here's a popcorn recipe that we're having. It is so good, and much healthier and tastier than what you can pop in the microwave.
I love taking it to the movie theater as well.
I also found a fun game for your kiddos, and who can resist these cupcakes?
Here's to a really good day.

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Mommy #1 said...

AMEN!!! We are so excited, too! I wonder if movie's like Groundhog's Day and the fact that it is so popular and TIMELESS is what is inspiring Hollywood to make movies like Valentine's Day. Don't know if/when I'll see that one or if it'll be as CLASSIC as Groundhog's Day . . . but maybe.

And THANKS for the popcorn recipe!!!

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