Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Face It

a few months ago we started playing a game that matched our facial expressions to our feelings. now it's a daily ritual to act out "i'm mad. i'm sad. now i'm HAPPY!"


_DSC0025 copy


_DSC0024 copy


_DSC0023 copy

this is his MONSTER KISS face. he literally licks your face. it is so gross.

_DSC0034 copy

LOVE him.


Sarah in the Middle said...

oh man, I want to kiss that boy! A tackle, even-if-he-squirms kiss those cute cheeks anyway kind of kiss!

Evelyn Perkins said...

Why am I not following your blog?! Everytime I stop in, I think What a beautiful REAL blog! There. Now I am. All better.

Thank you for you comments. I heart them.

Ryan said...

ah! he is so cute Carrie! You were blessed with the perfect little boy for photographing. I've never seen a boy like him.

Ryan said...

okay, I am so sick of Ryan's gmail account! he's automatically the default user and this is MY computer!!

Kristie and Ryan said...

you know that it's me, right? sorry about the three comments, eesh!

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