Tuesday, March 9, 2010

get your grocery game on

Tonight at Albertson's I spent: $109.21

I saved $118.60
store savings: $65.52
manufacturer coupons: $30.58
store coupons: $2.50
coupon printed out after purchase: $20

Tonight at Safeway I spent $14.09

I saved $24.39
store savings: $16.89
manufacturer coupons: $6.50

Can I get a HAY-YA?

The goal is to get around 75% savings, but my usual is around 50-60%. I wish I had the time to even approach how to get higher right now as I am sure there are other tricks. My friend Stacey is the queen in that area, but she's in GA and shops at a store that isn't here:( Still, getting over 50% off for mainly food storage items is pretty darn great in my book. Also, a lot of items that I would never buy I just don't. Some may disagree, but to me it's still money spent. Even if there is a great deal on sloppy joe sauce, we don't eat it so there is no need to purchase.

The whole concept is to get items that are on sale in the store (like 2 for $4), add a manufacturers coupon to get the lowest price you can, and then stock up on that item. Food storage here we come.

Example: Cheerio's reg price $3.79/sale price $1.77/coupon $1 off 2
Actual price= $1.27

We get two Sunday papers and cut coupons out of that, put them in a binder and then pull them out as needed for shopping at the beginning of each week. We grocery game it because all the work is done for us. Don't get me wrong though, it is STILL work. It's just nice to already have the store sales and coupons to pull out listed for you. I am also WAY too lucky to have a husband that is all over this concept. He cuts the coupons and organizes the shopping list deals more than I do.

Anyone know of another way to do it?


Annette W. said...

Amazing really! You must have a big freezer!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Good for you! Don't know what stores you have, but I subscribe to several blogs that give me the head's up on sales. Almost all offer info on Walgreens and CVS, which should be in your area. I typically get all my toiletries from CVS with their weekly deals & ECB program for FREE! My grocery shopping is decent, but we don't have the best selection to score big sales.

staceyj76 said...

I hear in other parts of the country it's alot harder to save the amount of money we can here, so good for you! I wish I'd started earlier... and never would I have thought Publix would be the place to shop! Little did I know..

Mo said...

I did the grocery game for a long time but found that I always ended up buying things we didn't need b/c it was such a good deal!

We have a Costco just down the street and I've come to love the savings & convenience. For example: I bought a box of baby wipes for $20 last October and I still have 3 bags I haven't used. So I figure 2 boxes of wipes will last me a year and cost $40. I could clip coupons and buy them at the grocery store and maybe (maybe) spend less, but I'd rather spend the $40 once and never think about wipes again for an entire year!

I do still clip coupons for food items, though. And I always check for in-ad coupons. You are so lucky your hubby helps you. If I left mine in charge of grocery shopping we might starve! (or go out for sushi every night, in which case we'd go bankrupt!)

iamwoman said...

I totally agree about buying this you don't need, and how this concept is not effective if that is the case. We ONLY buy things we use/like. Pantene shampoo was crazy cheap last week, but I don't use it and no one in my house does, so I don't buy it.

Costco is very cool. I am still debating about whether it is a better deal for us. I really just need to do some price comparisons someday!

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