Thursday, March 11, 2010

paper to your soul

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What is the BEST blog post you have ever read? I'm not asking you to say any of mine-- because sheesh I know that is not true:) But sometimes, thanks to this glorious blogging world of ours, I end up reading a post or finding a blog that I connect to. In that moment, I am changed. I feel. I feel deeply.

It makes me think.

I believe in reading. I believe in writing. I do both because I believe the connection from paper to soul is for a purpose. Our minds are meant to be written, and in turn our hearts are meant to be read.

I truly absolutely hands down believe that reading is more than what is written.

For me, the stories that I believe in and desire to read the most are not the ones that are perfectly written. They are the ones written to speak from the heart. The ones that keep your mind awake....digging to read more. They are read without expectations. They are read without editing eyes and presumptions. They are read because they should be read.

I have some favorite reading experiences and some favorite blogs that I read almost every day. With them, I receive my morning pick-me-up, or cry, or self-assertion that keeps my mind open for reflection. I crave that reflection, and I also crave to return it somehow.

They are stories of womanhood. Of life. Of leisure. Of suffering. Of reality. Of simplicity. Of happiness. Of love.

Who wouldn't desire to read such soul?

I also truly absolutely hands down believe that writing is more than what is read.

Writing is having a relationship with a pen, or keyboard, and connecting an action from mind to paper. It's amazing really, to be able to express yourself in a way that might never be accessible through speech.

I am obviously not a fancy-shmancy writer. I wish I was. I am sure I could be if I tried. I come from a family of Authors. Exemplary in approach and execution. Unfortunately, my grammar is completely non-existent half of the time. These days I often write how I speak, and although I may not be perfect grammatically, I speak (aka write) the truth. I'd like to believe there is some honor in that.

I actually had high hopes of becoming an author one day because I wrote bigger-than-me stories at a very young age. In fact, when I was 14 I wrote a story that received an award at a ceremony. Little did I know at the time that it was an award ceremony honoring grades 2-9 in that order, so I was the LAST to receive my award.
I got up on stage and was asked to read an excerpt from my story. The audience was extremely tired and ready to leave after hearing so many. I was that "1 more award" for people to get through. As the woman next to me held out the microphone for me to speak into, I grabbed it from her hands and said, "you guys can read it when I am famous" and promptly took my award and walked off the stage. Enormous applause, thank you very much. Sassy even then.

Although I might not be famous now, and most likely never will be due to my scattered self, I am grateful for what has been written and what is still to be read.
In it my soul is found.

From my keyboard to yours, thanks.

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Evelyn Perkins said...

I think this is a beautiful piece of writing. Remind me why more people don't follow your blog???

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