Friday, April 16, 2010

Things you'll definitely want to know about

1) The Pioneer Woman is coming to Seattle TOMORROW! I completely forgot, and therefore I forgot to get a girl clan together to squeel at her feet with delight. Anyone want to come with me? Email me QUICK!!

2) How the CRAP did I miss this? Although you know that I dislike the preparation of these beauties from certain past encounters.. it doesn't mean I can't enjoy the flava. Heads up for next year!

3) This next week is going to be the best week to eat ever. In fact, I am going to starve myself this weekend just to prepare. My stomach is growling right now, actually. There have been SO many restaurants I have wanted to eat at, but due to cost and time it hasn't happened yet. I'm making the time NOW. Seattle Restaurant Week allows you to hit the best restaurants (seriously the best) and receive a 3 course gourmet meal for $25. There are some hot spots that even do a 3 course lunch for $15. HALA! (that's holler yelled in a super cool way)

4) This girl is hilario-- a bit intense and wow and really?, but hilario for sure. My bladder almost fell out while watching this video on her hussy blog.

Okay! Think on these things and get back to me as soon as possible:) Time to go and let my stomach growl some more. Suck it up, Carrie. Suck it up.


Sarah loves it all said...

I love your blog. I saw your post on the MMB contributor site and had to hop over because I loved your pictures.

Sarah loves it all said...

I don't care what you say. Your blog is great and I'm subscribing. :)

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