Thursday, May 6, 2010


There was a moment last night when I said something ridiculously funny. Then I told Rowdy, "you know what? I have been funny all flipp'n day. Hilarious, actually. Funny jokes.. comments.. wit and wisdom.... have you noticed how hilarious I have been?" He smiled that "is she serious?" smile. But I just went with it. I KNEW how funny I was, and nobody was going to make me think otherwise.

When I went to bed last night I laughed at myself again (which I think is always a good sign. Shame on anyone for taking themselves too seriously.) But I also thought how work was hard today and the dinner that I made was so disgusting and how I just pushed 3 loads of clothes off my bed and onto the floor to be folded tomorrow and wow some really crappy things happened. Then fast forward a few seconds later and I thought about how I liked today afterall because I was so crazy funny. I went to bed happy because I just LAUGHED. And somehow the world was alright.
I think I'll try it again today.

Don't you just LU-UVE this picture of frosted me circa who knows when?
Titled: Go Frost Yourself.


JoCo said... lie, i thought that was brianna! WOW! AND Laughing is my favorite drug. For real. hope ya'll are well. love you.

The Rowdy Orator said...

OK, so because I never post, that means my words are worth so much more when I do...right? I am lucky to have such a wonderful wife.

Liz said...

Love your blog. I explored quite a bit. I will definitely be a regular here also! (I am new to blogging...) Thanks for visiting my blog too. I also love your pictures - and your photography website.

Jenna said...

Who is this rowdy orator ? ? ?

Maybe if he had a picture he would not look like such a stalker!!! he he

I can not wait for you to see my house - 3 loads of laundry? that's it?

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