Friday, May 7, 2010

Being Their Mother

skin tones
Their different skin tones never cease to astonish me!

For some reason this upcoming Mother's Day I have reflected more on my children than on who has mothered me. I have been thinking of their sweet spirits. How they have grown. The tears I have shed and the laughter that they bring into our home. I am so proud that they are mine. I love that they enable me to reflect on who I have become because of them. I am so lucky.
So here's a celebration to them. A celebration of the joy and the embraced sorrow that they have brought into my life. As a reminder to me (and to all who are willing to spend a few moments reading;)... here are some past blog posts of my feelings and reflections.
Oh! How I love being their Mother.

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Every day I love you

Thank you My Children, for making me a MOTHER.


Jenna said...

What an absolutely lovely post!

Jenna said...

ps - Happy Mother's Day!

Terresa said...

Beautiful post. Yes, mother's day is just as much (if not more) about the blessings, isn't it? Each of our children.

Marisa said...

Just popping over via Design Mom to say that I loved your birth story + could really relate to your description of the nights alone without your baby (my son was in the NICU for ten days after his birth). Thanks for sharing!

Evelyn said...

That's what I have been doing this year too. Happy Mother's Day!

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