Monday, May 10, 2010



I received an orchid plant for Mother's Day this year. It was beautiful. I had wanted one for awhile and Rowdy spent a very long time choosing the right one for me. The moment I saw it I knew he made a very good choice.

I have always thought that orchids are so simple. So graceful. So lovely. Really, the perfect household flower. It doesn't take much watering. It can bloom up to three times a year and can stay bloomed up to 3 months.

Such a delight to have in my home.

Later in the morning Rowdy noticed that one of the stems was leaning too far over. He said he could fix it simply by maneuvering the bands attached to the stick...and so he gently worked on it to fix that perceived imperfection.

At one point it was fixed and even better than before, but he thought it didn't look as good as it could. So, he tried rearranging it once more. Again, I said it was perfect, but it still didn't look good enough to him. So, he tried it one last time... even though I said "please don't change a thing."

When we got home from church I saw that the flowers had fallen. The stems had become weak from the constant rearrangement and could no longer hold the blooms on their own. He tried to fix it again, but it was too late.

He cut the flowers off and put them into a cup of water and sadly put my new flower-less plant in the corner.

We are hoping that one day it will grow again. If it does... we'll remember that it's perfect just as it is.

(ps. i'm sure there is a moral to this story, don't you think?)

(pps. don't be too hard on Rowdy;)


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ahhh! Poor guy! Poor plant! And I love orchids too! So pretty!

MamaJ said...

Hi there, I came across your blog from Design Mom... :) I love orchids too... and I'm sure the orchid will flower again, perhaps you might want to spray on some fertilizer to encourage that to happen? Happy belated Mother's Day!

Kristie and Ryan said...

sad. but I like it that he was trying to make it perfect. I was waiting for the lesson/moral and there is one in there.. it will come to you when you need it.
Happy Mother's day!

Evelyn said...

Sometimes I think children could be like that orchid. If you rough them up and handle them too much, try to make them the way you want...they might pull into themselves and their natural progression will be stalled. Hmm....

The Rowdy Orator said...

I have greatly lamented this experience since it happened and if it is any consolation, I still feel terrible.

However, there was a moral and it was one of unconditional love. It occurred to me that Mothers accept their children for who they are. They don't try to fix them and just like Carrie, they are happy with the beauty that is inherently within them. Mother's don't try to "fix", they only try to love and raise their children to be the most beautiful flowers that they can be.

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