Monday, May 10, 2010

Design Mom

If you would have heard my shock right after I read the email from the ultra-talented-my online hero-mother-of-six Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom, you would have thought she told me I had walked around with my skirt tucked into my panty hose all day. (which seriously, has never ever happened.) (i hope.)

But no, instead I was surprised because she wanted to include my birth story during her "week after" online maternity leave. Every Wednesday thoughout her pregnancy she has posted some amazing pregnancy and birth stories, and since her delivery of her sweet baby girl on Friday... this will be a full week of some more.

And mine, as simple as it is... is one of them.

SO honored to be included:)

Check it out.

(and oh good-gosh. there are some typos. how embarrassing...)


Carmella 'n Sydney said...

I did check it out and WOW!!! Awesome & Congratulations! Interesting to see the stories put together! We should have had people come visit you in the hospital. From SIL in Florida (Thanks for the bit of fame too, cause I'm listed in the story as Florida family.)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Just read it and gracious what scary stories! I'm so glad they have a happy ending!!

Emily Frame said...

I clicked over from Design Mom, and loved your story!

I am trying to put together a blog of natural birth stories, and wondered if you'd be interested in including yours? It would be simple as a copy & paste, and then answering 10 questions.

check it out!

The Rowdy Orator said...

I am so proud of my beautiful and wonderful wife.

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