Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing more American than potato salad

up for a challenge?

Picture this:

I'm prepping my first side dish as a newly engaged women at my future in-laws house in a completely unfamiliar part of the country.

It was a Summer holiday. HOT. Welcome my contribution of potato salad, baby.

I put in the onions.

They FREAKED out (well, that is probably an exaggeration, as most memories as a newly engaged girl at her future in-laws house are.) But, they were quite surprised, nonetheless.

But... I grew up with onions in my potato salad, I said. (And in my in-laws grow up with what you grow up with, you know?)

Still, it seems that my own family version managed to show quite the difference.

So goes my potato salad obsession.

TEN years of an obsession, to be exact. Every potluck or family gathering or friend gathering or gathering in general where potato salad is a potato salad examination for me. I tear the ingredients apart. I analyze and prod and savor and sometime salivate over. I'm like Goldylocks tasting the different porridge...trying to find the one that tastes just right.

Seriously...potato salad? Yep.

These days, my potato salad sways to a Samoan preparation type (without onions... gasp!) I love it like the sun loves magnifying glasses with ants underneath. The sun does love that, doesn't it? Or maybe it is the magnifying glass that loves the sun. It is certainly not the ant.

The simplicity of the preparation calls to the simple part of me. Which is small. But there. Somewhere. Hidden, probably. Until I make potato salad. Then it comes out in all its simple glory!

Just potatoes (I love red). boiled eggs. mayo. salt. pepper. Simple-dee.

BUT, I am always up for another sample.

So, last year I decided that I should have a potato salad contest. I have been WAITING for this Summer to come for me to do it. It will entail: Lots of potato salad being judged. And there will be a winner. But no losers. 'Cuz I know how important potato salad can be to a girl.

So here it IS, ladies (and maybe a guy or 2 that are too scared to admit they read my blog. Ahem. My Bro-in-Law.)


I will prepare to your exact specifications. And I will judge with the help of whoever is willing to judge with me. And I will analyze and prod and savor and salivate with the end result of complete and utter potato euphoria.

So email me already. carriestroud(at)gmail(dot)com

Judgement day will be near, but before, the 4th of July. I will then post the recipe for all viewers so that if you so choose, you can make it for YOUR holiday sha-bang yourself.

Oh goodness. Has my obsession gotten out of control?

Ya. I didn't think so. I believe it tastes just right.


Liz said...

Okay... so I kept expecting a recipe from you!.. Do you have a good one? I need to make something for my in-laws big barbecue tomorrow and was so excited to see your post!

iamwoman said...

haha! I guess you are right! There is that element of anticipation... ha! I'll send you some:)

Liz Autry said...

so, ya ... I am definitely a potato salad snob. I have only tasted ONE other potato salad I have liked, and it was made with red potatoes. I will have to make mine and measure, so I can send a recipe. 'Cause in our family it is just thrown together with a bit of this and a bit of that until it tastes right. Oh, and it is always better the second day! :)(and who eats potato salad without onions in it anyway?)

Regina said...

Here's another true Southerner's take on potato salad. Always use onions chopped finely, sweet pickle salad cubes, boiled eggs, a little mustard, mayo, salt and pepper and of course potatoes diced into small pieces. Sometimes red, sometimes white! That's the way my Mama made it and so of course that's the way I make it! :}

Jackie said...

I love this! YUM! What a fun idea. Can't wait for the winner!

Liz Autry said...

so, how many recipes did you end up getting?

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