Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Moment

(artist Vigee-Le Brun 1789)

I told Rowdy that he missed the moment. The moment when as a parent, you know you have touched your child's heart, and that without question, they know you are there for them.

After dropping the kids off at the bus stop, I searched through the fridge for some semblance of a decent breakfast. Suddenly I saw my daughter's lunchpack, and I knew it was a serious dilemma that she didn't have it. She was leaving on a field trip the moment the starting bell rang, so not having a lunch with her was problematic.

Rowdy and I quickly discussed who would run it to her school and he offered to do it once he finished getting dressed. However, because I was ready before him(pajamas, long coat, hair in ponytail, flip flops in cold weather), I figured I could get it there quicker.

I ran out the door and drove to her school. It was a little bit, uhm, embarrassing to walk into her school in my well-thought-out-apparel, but I couldn't care too much because getting my daughter's lunch to her in time was more important.

As I opened the door to the main office it was as if time slowed. She was there.. dialing my phone number. And I was there... saying her name with a smile on my face as I reached out to give her the lunch pack.

The ladies in the office sighed as they said, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

A hug later and I was on my way back home....knowing that she knew how much I loved her...and that as I teared up a bit...I would always remember that moment.


Kristie and Ryan said...

Carrie, she will remember that, and it will sink deep into her psyche that her mother put her first and was AVAILABLE. You are awesome and your kids know it. I think I shared with you my almost identically-opposite experience from last year (running home to change clothes-because I looked so trashy- thinking I could make it back in time for the awards ceremony-sound familiar? Eva's head in her lap when I got there and a "you missed it all mom, didn't you?" to drive the dagger deeper. Oh. NEVER again. I hate that I had to learn it that way, and I'm glad you had the sense to know what counts without needing a painful experience to teach you.)I've got a long ways to go, but I'm really trying!! :) love you.

Anne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
What a sweet story. I bet she'll always remember it.
I took a peek at your photography blog- you are very talented! I need to find someone like you where I live.

Summer said...

I love that story! So sweet! And the outfit was fabulous. I'm sure.

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