Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday To Do

1. Wake up and eat homemade cinnamon rolls. That I made. In my home. Well, technically I didn't wake up and eat them. I woke up and made them and then consumed them whole.


2. Wear crazy funny socks.


3. Make a spaceship out of a cork and paperclips. And then make a funny face with it.


4. Eat more cinnamon rolls.


5. Get excited about making everyone jealous when they get a load of this awesome goodness.


Tara said...

oh please email me the recipe :) Please

Pasion Family said...

Oh it looks soo yummy.. What a perfect setting for Sunday :) Love you pictures!

Sarah loves it all said...

OOOH YUMMY! As always, your pictures are good enough to eat!

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