Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lurking Favorites

i thought i would write down a few of my favorite blogs to lurk (when i am not working or hang'n with the fam or doing dishes or baking cupcakes or cleaning the kids know..around 2am.) most are listed on my sidebar, but here's a condensed version of ones i go to the most often.

stephmodo - her taste is impeccable. and she restored a cottage next to a castle in france. seriously?

amy furstenau - if i am envious of anyone it would probably be her. her simple flair for vintage design and her photography make me swoon. her twin sister ann designs the most delicious headbands. there are so many copy-cats out there, but she is the original and no one really compares.

oh happy day - amazing party planner and great city info if you are ever in san fran.

enjoying the small things - her soundtrack is awesome. and this is the gal who has 5,000+ followers based on the fact that she surprisingly gave birth to a darling girl who has down syndrome and her new life story is incredible. a great writer and photographer.

nienie - who doesn't know this blog? i admit that i simply did not jump on the bandwagon because everyone jumped on the bandwagon. but she moves me to be a better mother and wife like no one else.

say yes to hoboken - one stop visual shopping for all household inspiration goodness.

for the love - i love her take on thrift store finds! plus she's just cool.

hanging by a silver lining - so so funny. i think that we have both discussed via post comments how real she is and how real i am so that makes us both so real. does that make me real funny, too? she just went private with her family blog so this is the new one. can't wait to see more of this one in action!

Serene is my name not my life - a great take on motherhood. i about died when i read this post. she's the kinda gal who you wish was your neighbor. mainly because apparently she likes chocolate a lot.

cjane - she has quite the fun humor. yet, she can be very deep and she really speaks to my soul.

what are your faves?

note to self: it's crazy because half of these gals are related to each other in some way. i have found that if i like someone's blog i usually like their favorites as well...which is how most of these connections have happened.


Saimi said...

I also am a fan of Serenes blog. The comics need to do a strip on her life, they would have so much material to work with!

Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check your other favs out.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Gosh really? I made your list? *sniffle* Thanks.

I happen to think you are one of the "great unknown" blogs out there!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

{blush} You are too kind! As I went through your list I was happily surprised to see that I too follow and love most of those blogs! I really like cjane too. I would love to write like her. And Serene! ha! Thanks again for the mention dear lady. Now if I could just get past my stupid blogging junk and get some good material down. ugh :)

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