Sunday, July 11, 2010

How you know it's Summertime






Rowdy made sure that they put some change in the tip jar before they began.  To give people the idea, of course. Because paying 1 dollar for homemade lemonade really isn't enough.

PS. Now is probably not the time to learn about marketing/business skills.  According to Brianna, she doesn't care if she does it at a time of day when no one is home.  And she doesn't care if putting signs on mailboxes announcing the time of opening is only 5 minutes before they open (when no one is home.)  And she doesn't care if her parents have any advice on how, from a business standpoint, she might want to consider running the show (when people are home.) 

Did the day end well?  Of course.  Because even though she is still in debt to her parents for $1.55, Brianna has learned that "the UPS MAN is a great tipper!"

Don't worry folks, we're trying again tomorrow. 

When people are home.


Saimi said...

I'm a huge fan of lemonade stands and will always stop to buy a drink.

I wish I was your neighbor, and if I was, I'd most likely tip her a $1.55.

Tell her to keep up the good work!!

Jenna said...

If I lived closer to you I would totally buy a glass, or two or three or four.

We drove by a lemonade stand, no where near your caliber, on Saturday. They were selling the large glasses half full for $1 each. I had 3 princesses with me so I shelled out 4 bucks. FOR CRYSTAL LIGHT - GROSS!

I know that Brianna's lemonade tasted good. Better luck next time.

Kristie said...

so cute! and, beats the heck out of selling rocks from my yard (oh, I washed them with soap, and never understood why they wouldn't stay shiny) to the neighbors. I don't think I sold even one... course, I didn't take a whole lot of pride in my stand. That was probably my problem.... and, I didn't sell them when people were home. :) otherwise they would've been selling like hotcakes!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

She is a facial likeness and creativity! ;)

LambAround said...

It makes me happy to hear that the UPS man tips well. Ours is nice too :)

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