Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sugar and Milk


I never ate sugary cereal as a child. Instead, I poured myself some healthy cheerios and then poured a couple spoonfuls of sugar on top. So embarrassing to admit. I still remember the scrape of my spoon on the sugar and milk at the bottom of the bowl. Like pulling wet sand with your shovel when you are sitting at the edge of water.

Sugar and milk have always been lovers.

And I was never ever ever hyper afterwards.

Well, around here, SOMEONE who shall remain nameless but rhymes with "howdy" likes to buy the kids cereal that is completely and unequivocally bad for them. Like Lucky Charms. And Fruit Loops. And Apple Jacks. Because he got such a great deal. Even when I say no. Even when I say No. Even when I say NO.

They always end up in my house and the kids always sneak to partake if they wake up before me and they always crash after their sugar high is over. Sometimes I am so obliviously tired in the morning that I pour them a bowl myself.

Am I a bad mother for allowing this always-ness to happen?

Speaking of Lucky Charms..

Once upon a time when I was a teenager in a house of 11 siblings, cereal was a coveted daily battle. Being in the older group, we were told that we couldn't have the good "sugary" cereal because it was for the little group. It was always disappointing to be eating TOTAL12-Vitamins and Minerals next to a 5 year old with Cocoa Krispies.

I will never understand my mother's reasoning for either.

Well, one day in Seminary I was lamenting about how the little group always get the good cereal and gosh darn-it I could just kill for some Lucky Charms. They were my favorite.

The very next day when my crush who-didn't-know-he-was-my-crush-but-had-to-be-because-he-was-the-only-guy-over-16-in-my-church was driving me home from Seminary but didn't stop at my house. I was like, "what are you doing? I have to get ready for school!" And he said, "I am kidnapping you." OH.MY.GOSH.

He drove up to his house and went inside. I sat there for a minute completely confused and then went inside, too. On his kitchen table was a box of Lucky Charms with milk and a bowl and spoon.

Sugar and milk have always been lovers.

Too bad they make you comatose, too.


Saimi said...

Hahaha, funny story my friend, funny story!

My kids grew up without sugar in their cereal but my dear Mother in Law, whom I love dearly always sprinkled sugar on their cheerios when she had them over. Ahh, that would drive me crazy! I'm like Noooooo, she also put sugar on their grapefruit, something I never did. They ate it just fine without it.

For Christmas one year, Santa gave them their own personal Costco box of Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch and
Frosted Flakes. Man oh man were they in heaven!

Kristie said...

Such a fun memory, I love those crazy high school days of kidnapping and crushes and TPing in the middle of night. I don't really miss seminary though... weird.

So I grew up with grape nuts (which I wasn't allowed to sugar, but my diabetic dad put equal on his every morning) cheerios, wheaties, bran flakes, corn flakes, etc. Occasionally, my mom would go crazy and buy LIFE. It was gone as soon as it was discovered. Now, I use sugar cereal as a bribe and it works like a charm. a lucky one. :) (lucky charms are my fave as well. we are compatible on so many levels! :)

likeschocolate said...

That is the greatest story.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

How freaking romantic is that?!

I too ate cheerios doused in sugar. Or cornflakes. Often my parents wouldn't let us eat sugar; we had to use molasses. Mooooooleaaaaaasssssses. Hmm. I think I actually like it now. Why do parents do stuff like that, huh??

Jackie said...

What a sweet guy...sugary sweet!

Meggan said...

Ohhh your reminiscing of scraping sugar off the bottom brought back memories:) It's been a long time since I've done that:) And now...I may just go get some cereal!

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