Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mind and Body

(Sunflower Rowdy brought home for Brianna)

I was thinking today about our health--and how blessed we are to have it right now.  My children are rarely sick, and if they are it is very short term (a fever/stomach bug for a day.) 

But late last fall I had pneumonia and did not realize it. 
And for an entire month my job and life and my entire being wrestled with one another.  My job insurance hadn't kicked in yet, so I never managed to recover but couldn't do a thing about it. 
It was awful.  Truly awful.

And recently, oh-so recently, I have remembered our encounters with our most unfavored guest- Rowdy's Multiple Sclerosis.  It was 5 years ago this month that he was diagnosed (gosh I tear up just writing that.) 

And it was 1 year 1 month ago that we landed in Utah for a wedding only to have our world turned upside down because of it. 

And it was also 9 years ago in November that he was diagnosed with a rare kidney disorder. 

So obviously, the end of summer/early fall is a less than desirable memory for me.

And yet, thank goodness, it still remains my favorite season.  With this gorgeous breeze and colors, how could it not?

So I choose to remember that right now he is goodAnd we are good.  And you can't even tell his body fights with these two diseases every day. And we can all wake up and be active and eat and play and work and grow.

And I feel so blessed because of it.

But even if we weren't blessed right now with health...I would still be thankful.  Because EVERY time we went through such trauma, I felt Heavenly Father's hand...pushing us forward.  EVERY time I felt comforted...throughout the chaos and fear and confusion.  EVERY time I knew we would be okay..even when it was dark.  Oh-so-dark. 

I felt hope.  I felt security.  I felt awareness of our life and direction.

 EVERY time.


I received a blessing once that told me I would have health of mind and body

I can see that now oh-so-clearly. 

And I feel that.

From my head to my toes.


AllisonK said...

Beautifully written! Health is something that I have taken for granted.

Cherie said...

Wonderfully uplifting post! Health truly is a blessing.

MommyJ said...

One of the things I express in almost every single prayer I say is gratitude for health and strength. It seems so routine to say it. You've reminded me to really slow down and think about what that really means. Health and strength... the ability to go and do. It's such a blessing.

This was a beautifully written post, and one I needed to read.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful testimony. This was very uplifting!

And I see the symbolism in the sunflower. Absolutely gorgeous pictures and a wonderful way to display your gratitude, your talents, and your faith.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I think you've got a great perspective on things and a beautiful way of expressing it!

NatureGirl said...

Thank you for sharing...

Braden said...

That is a very powerful post. It gave me some excellent food for thought.

Charlotte said...

Wonderful post. The post you linked to had me in tears. Health really is a blessing, and one so easy to overlook. Thanks for the reminder.

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