Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's official.

I am trying to poison my husband.

Rowdy- Can you please get me some water?
Carrie - Sure.
Rowdy- This cup has stuff all over it.
Carrie- Oh sorry.  It was in the dishwasher with the cleaned dishes.  That's wierd. I'll get you another one.

Carrie- Here you go.
Rowdy- This has more stuff on it. 
Carrie- Seriously?  I didn't even notice.
Rowdy- See that stuff floating?  And I can see fingerprints.
Carrie- That was from the clean dishes, too. I guess the top level didn't get clean.
Rowdy- Yep.  Looks that way.

Rowdy- Holy Cow!  This milk tastes like detergent.
Carrie- What are you talking about?
Rowdy- This cup you gave me has detergent all over the rim. I hope I don't get sick because of it.
Carrie- You're already sick.
Rowdy- Well, I'll get sicker.  I think you are trying to poison me.
Carrie- Of course not! I'll get another cup and drink out of it myself first so you can see.

Apple, my dear?

Sorry about all that, babe;)


Amy said...

haha. This was cute. I think my husband thought I was trying to poison him during our first year of marriage. my cooking was that horrible.

Kasey Hunt said...

I hope you get your dishwasher figured out soon! cute story.

The Martos Fudge said...

You know... it may even be his fault, maybe he loaded dirty dishes on top of the clean ones, just so he did not have to put them away?! I mean it's happened around here.

Cherie said...

Cute story but it sounds like the dishwasher might need a few repairs!

Charlotte said...

The other day I had let all the kids get bowls and cups from our dishwasher before I went to get something myself and realized I had yet to run it. I am poisoning my family by forgetfulness.

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