Thursday, October 21, 2010


So here's the deal, I am not super crafty. 

What?  You beg to differ?

Let me enlighten you.

I create, but give me a glue gun and I burn myself.  Give me a paint brush and you'll be lucky if I can stay in the lines.  I am impatient.  Half-hazard.  A perfectionist so that if it doesn't look right I toss it. 

Not the ideal crafty candidate.

When we were first married we attended church in a very small ward.  The first activity I went to we made a basket with dried apples glued around the edge.  I wanted to throw-up.  Before and after I burned myself with that glue gun.  I called my mother and screamed, "nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Is this what I am up against now that I am married? Is this the life I now have to lead?" 

So I fought it.

Over the years I have somehow learned how to take my dislike for dried apples and turn them into something that's more my style.  Like eating them.

Well, it seems to work for me.

And yet...... sometimes I feel SO inadequate.  I received an email asking if I had any old holiday projects that I made/tutorials that I wanted to submit and I could not find  My projects are like, "hey...look what I did with this piece of paper over here!  I put it in a frame!"  and  "check out my decorations that are kinda cool because I wrote funny captions."

And then there is YOU.

You glue-gun queens.  You rock'n recipe givers.  You tear-the-armoir-apart-to-make-a-fireplace-mantel diva's.  

Can I just say something? 
You suck.  I love you.  I really do.  But you suck. 

Still, I can appreciate your hard work.  I can appreciate the loveliness that you make.  I can appreciate your creative effort and craftiness and style because you are talented, that is for sure.

And hopefully, well, you can appreciate me and my different kind of craftiness.  The kind that doesn't really know what to do with the fabric I bought last winter. And probably won't know what to do with it next winter either.

 So, with some very intense Thursday night therapy on TV, I have finally come to realize that we can exist together.  We can appreciate the goodness in both of us.  I promise to not ooh and ahh too much over you and how about you promise to not make me feel too inadequate. 

But could you also do me ONE really small extra favor, pretty please?
Stay away from the dried apples.

PS.  We bought our tickets to Georgia for Christmas at a price that we are happy with. We're going before Christmas, which makes it nice to come home and have our own little family one on the actual holiday. Your ideas and research were all amazing. THANKS so much!


Annette W. said...

You say that, but I couldn't throw a lemon themed party to save my life. And I can't decorate worth a dime.

So I cook a bit. Sometimes I pretend to sew. And I try to make crafts that my kids end up hating. Oh well.

Kimberly said...

ha ha ha!! Oh, I feel this way ALL THE TIME!!! :) All different kinds of creative is EXACTLY what this world needs, though. (I try to remind MYSELF that a lot...) but in your case I mean it - a lot. :)

theamazingjohnsons said...

You may not be crafty (which I still think you are :)), but you are definitely creative! You come up with the most wonderful ideas. Your photography is amazing, you plan awesome parties, and you have great taste!

McKenna said...

I think being creative, like you are, is much cooler than being crafty. I can try to be crafty all I want but I need someone to tell me exactly what to make.... on the other hand you can take a boring piece of paper and frame it and it's a masterpiece! Or throw a lemon themed party. Or take a reception room and turn it into a realistic Italy. I want your creativity.

Cherie said...

Those glue guns hurt dang it!! The apples are not worth it :-D

NatureGirl said...

"tear-the-armoir-apart-to-make-a-fireplace-mantel diva's"...oh that laugh is going to carry me into tomorrow! Thank you!!!

Stef said...

I am so with you. I am awful at crafts. I have totally given up on them. I would rather buy them.
Blogging...that's my thing.

likeschocolate said...

Are you a virgo! You sound like my twin. I suck at crafts. I usually end up chicking them in the trash.

Amy said...

This really did make me laugh out loud. You are so stinkin cute!
And just like all these other bloggy buddies said, you are extremely talented with your photography, your blog, and your party-planning. I wish I could put stuff together like that.

Just remember what Elder Uchtdorf said: creativity is a god-like trait. To bring something into existence that didn't use to exist is a quality that reminds us we are truly the offspring of a living God.

He wasn't talking about just "crafting." :)

Jennifer Ricker said...

are you wanting to do any sessions while you are in cols? let me send you my email and i will get with you before you get here so i can have my act together this time. thank you!!

jennifer dot ricker at gmail dot com


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