Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am not even sure if that is a word.  But doesn't anything go with Halloween?

Even with tiny apartment living, I just couldn't leave all my goodies unattended in the storage locker.  Plus...I don't have to dust for an entire month.  It's freak'n fab.

Kai said this was his best friend.  Uhm.... a little concerned over here.

Who says you can only have an advent calendar for Christmas? We get a goodie every day;)

I made the above jars on the shelf a few years ago and they look awesome at night. I haven't put anything in them yet this year because the idea of snake oil on my carpet kinda wigs me out. Get it? Wigs? Halloween? I crack myself up. Oh my gosh. I did it again.

Here they are lit up...


And here's how to do it!

Print out the name/description on paper with a halloween font, dip them in tea and let them dry to get crinkled.  Then glue the lables onto random glass bottles (found at a thrift store) and tie the top with layers of twine. Put a black light behind so when it's dark it becomes down-right spooky!

Here are the bottle names and what to put inside:

Snake Oil - to enhance any deceptive potion or elixer (rubber snake in oil/water)

Nightmare Larva- *use with caution* rare species from the swamps of mordor (grapes in water)

Freeze Dried Flesh Eating Rats - hand selected from the finest of corpses (dark moss and dirt)

Pixie Tears - taken from the eyes of Tinkerbell of Neverland (tide blue laundry detergent)

Bat Blood - from the Transylvanian Alps (water with red food coloring)

Albino Jellyfish Stingers - from the coastal water of New Zealand (clear liquid with spaghetti noodles and a black light behind it)

You can really get creative and find random ingredients in your cabinet.  Anything looks cool under a blacklight at night. 

Have a spooktacular time! 


likeschocolate said...

Great decorations! Love the Table Cloth.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

What a cool idea!! I am so glad you shared your "recipes".

Cherie said...

Cute Cute decorations! I especially love the bottles those are so cool looking!
I love your Halloween calendar too.
This is such a fun and colorful time of year.

Fun On a Dime Lady said...

Love it! My son would love to be in your house right now!!!

Charlotte said...

Because of our impending move, I am skipping the house decorating for the big fall holidays. I appreciate your gorgeous pictures, it helps me get my decorating fix for the day.

Carmella 'n Sydney said...

Wow! I was impressed by my copied decorations. Yours are awesome! :D)

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