Friday, October 8, 2010

Today my weekend begins

I remember the bell ringing.  I remember leaving school in a rush and chatting with friends about a sleepover and sleeping in Saturday morning and waking up to the smell of blueberry muffins.

I remember the anticipation of a break.  A break from the monotony and responsibilities of a week load of work.  TWO whole days of excitement.  I welcomed them into my life as if they were manna from heaven.

But these days I don't really want to talk about my weekend. I dread it. For my weekend will most likely be a string of stressors that keep rolling like yarn into one large ball.  Tangling it often. The laundry.  The dishes.  The opportunity to dust the fan and deep clean the bottom kitchen cabinet doors. The stressors.  The tasks.  They somehow manage to disappear throughout the week only to rise again each Saturday morning. 

These days in my grown-up-life, weekends for me are work

They are the only time I have off work, but all the chores and all the home responsibilities and all the grocery shopping between soccer games become work because it is my only chance to accomplish them all.  So somebody tell me where the weekend went?  Where did that blissful feeling of freedom go?

I'm tired, folks.

But with that fatigue today I say enough!  I have required of myself to feel again.  To feel the whimsy in the wind and the anticipation of TGIF.  To remember what really makes a weekend great. And that is hope.  Hope of all the promises that a weekend can bring.

Instead of feeling the string begin to roll and pull and tug, I will embrace the beginning of my weekend journey.  I will appreciate the small window of freedom that it represents.  A time for fun, for work, for worship.  A time to prepare myself for what lies ahead.  And even if what lies ahead is another Monday, I know that I will walk into it feeling renewed and inspired by my breath of fresh air.

My weekends as a working mother will continue to have a huge list of to-do's, but beginning today, my weekend will also be strung with a smile.  And just imagine the big ball of yarn THAT will become;)


Tara said...

I loved this post! So honest and real! It made me miss you, too! Is it too trite to say, Have a great weekend!?!

Charlotte said...

Somehow being a grown up makes weekends less fun. Stupid responsibility. Although embracing the held onto magic of it does sound enticing. Maybe I should give it a try.

Amy said...

Ohhh weekends are sacred even though yes, they are sometimes busier than weekdays.
But even though I'm busy I like that I'm busy doing things I need to do because I decided that they needed to be done, not because my boss decided they needed to be done. I do things my way (except dinner. Ugh. If I never had to cook again, I think I'd do the happy dance the rest of my life) on my time. Not someone else's.

Anyway... hang in there working momma. If life keeps tangling those yarn strings, just toss it aside and make it into a pretty hat. Or something.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I had the same thought process this morning. I dug in and got my most necessary chores done and then just sat and let it be. Funny thing is...I don't feel as good as I did when I was busy this morning. How does that work like that? :P

Loved that pic at the top. Yummy textures! Is it yours?

iamwoman said...

whoops! Forgot to put the photo props! Nope--not mine;)

Pasion Family said...

I do love weekends, especially Sundays. I have to say that evenings after 9 PM are also blissful, when I can finally unwind from a day's work :)

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