Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frosty Bites

Having snow in a place that is not used to having snow is down-right annoying.  It took my brother 11 hours to get from Seattle to Federal Way, Wa (a 25 minute trip-40 minutes in rush hour).  I have spent the past 2 nights freezing cold in the parking lot of the property I manage, wearing no-traction shoes in heavy ice, trying to help my residents who are not so much in the wise department, attempt to make it up an icy hill to get out of here and have it back-fire on them.  2 car accidents, 1 tie the rope around the tree for leverage swing trick, and less than 1/2 a night's sleep for two nights = a stressed out woman.  I also have a sty in my right eye which means I can barely see out of it and 3 more photo sessions to finish editing that were promised DAYS ago.  This weather and my luck have seemed to have aligned just perfectly.

On the upside: I adore the cold and hats and gloves and the laughter coming from my kiddos as they play outside in the snow is enough to make a mama know that all is right in the world. 

Dear Snow, 

Bring it on.


The Snow Queen

1 comment:

Liz said...

Love it. You have such a great attitude. I told my husband we are moving asap after that little "ice experience" here. Love the pictures of your kids!!

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