Saturday, November 27, 2010


He told me he hated me tonight.  My heart hurts like it did the first time Brianna said it to me...but I know he doesn't mean it, and with a bit of loving discipline, he hopefully won't say it again. 

Still, sadly, I know moments like these are part of being a parent.  I know that I am not always liked, or understood, or respected.  That sometimes what is heard out in the world will be repeated in my home no matter how hard I try to keep it out. That frustration and fears and lack of a nap can cause words to be un-kind. 

But I also know that what he said in an act of defiance is not truly how he feels...because at the end of the day his smile was for me.  And my love for my children will always outweigh the mean words and all the heart-hurts and all the bad days. 

They can yell and they can scream and they can stomp their feet and say how much they hate me. 

I'll love them forever anyway.

No matter what.

 (Although an "I'm sorry mom" and a spongebob bandaid in this moment would definitely not be turned down.)


Stef said...

Oh, my 6 year old said the same thing to me too this week.It does hurt...even when you know they don't mean it or even understand what that exactly means. Insert guilt because it got me wondering why he would say it. But dicipline is definitely the best solution. That and having a good talk about how he was really feeling....

MommyJ said...

OH, that is a word that stings. I've heard it from my oldest three at one point or another and it never ever gets easier.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oh, I'm sorry! Here's a virtual band-aid! :) Love you!

Lisa S said...

When my youngest used to say it to me, I would say very nicely, " Oh I love you, and you'll get over it." It would make her all flustered when her words garnered that response from me. Pretty soon she stopped saying it because she knew it wouldn't get a rise out of me. Young children definitely don't understand the impact of saying those words.

Kendra said...

Carrie- you won the giveaway on my blog. If I don't hear from you by today I will go ahead and give them to someone else! email me at with your address!

Oh and by the way, such a hard thing to hear come out of your childs mouth. He loves you so much!

Carmella 'n Sydney said...

Okay, I must be weird. Because when Sydney told me that for the first time, I laughed. All I could think of mom saying your children will say that to you one day and hurt. It was funny it happened. She doesn't hasn't said it too much. Maybe its because she didn't get the response that she thought she would get. I still laugh when thinking about it. LOL

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