Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holy Smell, It Works!

This is probably the most important post you will ever read.  So pull up your seat reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal close.

I'm going to tell you how you can make homemade deodorant...........that WORKS. 

I have been sniffing and smelling myself for the past few days.  Rowdy refused to do me the favor of smelling, so I bribed my daughter after a long day at work and after freaking out for a few minutes she said okay.  Then she said the magic words of, "I don't smell anything."  Thank ya very much dear daughter of mine. 

Now, to be completely honest, I am a sweaty gal.  I hate to say it, but I overheat easily and I like to work-out which raises my body temperature even more.  So, finding a good DEE-O has been my plight in life.

First, when the news hit of a heavy duty kind that could be bought in stores I went prescription strength, but it had a filmy feel even after showering and it didn't seem much better than the regular.  I have tried many different brands, but this year in particular I began freaking out about the aluminum in them that is linked to cancer, MS, etc.  So, we went with Tom's now found at Target (there are other great brands found at natural stores, too.) It works great for Rowdy, but after a month it began to BURN me.   Not. Cool.  (That is an awesome play on words, btw.)

In my plight to find another brand that didn't hurt me, I stumbled upon this blog with a homemade recipe.  My interest was peaked, so I tried it out and I canNOT believe how great it is.  Also, it's like my naturally sweaty self is re-born into someone who is not naturally sweaty. It keeps you dry, too!

It has to be kept in a small container and then put on with your fingertips, but I am looking into buying a deodorant stick container to use instead.  I think perhaps the kind that clicks and comes out of the small holes because it is more liquid than solid?  I'm going to empty it and put the homemade mixture inside.  I am so flipp'n resourceful.

I have also found that if you need to use more coconut oil, go ahead.  You don't want to be putting on a heavy caked powder.  You want a smooth finish as usual.

And I really don't think I have to mention how much better this is on your budget and how you are helping the environment by not purchasing so many mandatory containers. 

I'm pretty darn excited about this.  Don't believe that it works?  I dare you to come smell me.  But if you can't, just take my word for it and try it out for yourself.


likeschocolate said...

Great job!

NatureGirl said...

I am going to make this RIGHT NOW! I am the stinkiest woman alive...especially after the gym. If this works, I owe ya one!

heather said...

i've also heard that aluminum is thought to be linked to alzheimers as well. true or not, i'd rather not take my chances which is why i've been wearing men's deodorant for a year now, but maybe i'll try this stuff. thanks.

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