Friday, November 12, 2010

My kids are Ca-razy

Rowdy and I just stared at each other this morning.  After a week of what felt like a year of drama from our children, all we could do was stare. 

"Kai canNOT go without a nap.  He is way too hyper," Rowdy said.
"I know.  And Brianna is having some major pout-fests that seriously have to stop NOW," I replied.
"I'm losing it."
"Me too. Can you figure out how to stop Kai from strumming your guitar with made-up Transformer songs for three hours a day?  He is.not.good. Nice trying to produce a rock-star, though."
"He's ruining my guitar."
"He's ruining my hearing."
"It's your turn to put them to bed tonight."
"No, I did that last night."
"But they got up when I came home so it doesn't count."
"I cleaned up their room last night, too."
"Well, I fed them dinner.  While putting them on time-out at least 30 times."
"Well, I had to get off a conference call with school because they came in hitting and screaming at each other while you were at your meeting."
"That must have been embarrassing."
"You have no idea."
"What exactly do we DO?"
"Maybe you can ask your blog friends?"



Olson Clan said...

Wish I had some encouragement or great words of advice to give you besides saying "It only gets worse"...
But thanks for asking the question, I will faithfully stalk the blog in the hopes that one of your friends has a more brilliant answer than mine :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

My kids have been pretty nutty this week too...I blame daylight savings!

MommyJ said...

I'm sorry... were you writing about your kids, or mine?

I had all my kids home yesterday since it was Veterans Day. Holy cow... by about 1:30, I told em all I liked them a whole lot more when they were in school all day. I didn't really mean it, not completely, but good grief, they are SO LOUD.

Stef said...

I hear there are some very loving families looking to adopt. But you are going to have to get in line sister! At least behind my 5...heh. Did I say that out loud??

Lisa S said...

ah so cute..I remember well. First put up your guitar so he can't get to it. Second, what is it you want to change? Put your names into a jar, and the name that gets pulled does bedtime duty....and remember no means no. Good luck!

Lisa S said...

Ok so I mean you and the hub's names not your kids! haha!

Bridget said...

It sounds like you need a weekend away. Do you have family around that can take your kids for a couple of days? They'd love it and so would you.

Your arguing about putting the kids to bed sounds like me and my husband. Except we argue about diaper changing, too. That stinks.

The Martos Fudge said...

Wow, that sounds like what was going on at my house a little while ago. Thank goodness we fixed that real quick. Put them to sleep, and spend the night enjoying some peace and quiet before they get up in the morning and do it all again. I am afraid I have no answer and I am no help. However if you figure out. Please post it. I would love to know where their off button is.

Kendra said...

It's all the Halloween Candy for my kids. I finally just tossed it! (I know I am so mean :)

When my kids act up, it is usually because they are bored and can't figure out something to do.

Pasion Family said...

My goodness... I feel like you writing a post on my everyday, crazy madness :)

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