Sunday, November 21, 2010


I just put away the Halloween decorations.

I'm gonna skip the Thanksgiving decorations altogether.

I wore flip-flops to my daughter's soccer game in 30 degree weather.

I realized within 10 minutes that was a mistake.

Gap had a 40% off everything sale today and hubby told me to get myself some clothes.  I did.  Plus some for every one else.  Which is another example of my lack of self-control.

I forgot to take the redbox back 2x today.

I had to get a book on how to be a good and patient parent.

I was unbelievably emotional today.

I can't get that Rihanna song out of my head.

I'd like to think that I am cool anyway. 

Oh!  And I totally stopped in my tracks when I edited this image last night of Andrea and her daughter.  There is just something about the fierce love between them in this moment.  It had me really that crazy?
It's a perfect example of motherhood to me.  The strong kiss that we give our they pull away slightly...and give in with a smile in the end. 
You can see more here


Pasion Family said...

You're right... I love the love that we share with our children!

Cherie said...

That is one awesome picture!! There is definately alot of emotion in it.

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