Friday, November 19, 2010

So, I'm kinda excited about Christmas

*I just got my Holiday with Matthew Mead catalog in the mail.  LOVE IT.  Such great inspiration.

*Rowdy and I have been looking online for Christmas gifts like a hawk lately.   There is this really cool website called that is now his homepage.  I hate to admit it but he is obsessed.  We have found a zillion stocking stuffers and crazy prices on things like shoes and household goods.  The deals are so good, in fact, that some sell out within 5 minutes.  $4 dollars for a $50 item at Toys R Us with free shipping?  Yes, please.  He just bought a cool headlamp for CENTS and was showing it off to me last night.  I can only imagine Kai's freak-out-super-power-session on Christmas morning.

*I, on the other hand, cannot get enough of going handmade.  I'm so excited to show you the gift that Brianna made for her Gam-Mommy, but I think she checks this blog often so I can't yet.  And then I hit the fabric store yesterday for the Christmas ornaments I am making for my exchange.  Hoping to wrap that up (heehee) and send out this week.  

*I also think that Rowdy has something really thoughtful for me planned.  It's all been so hush-hush and "don't read my email and don't check the bank account for 2 weeks" etc.  But I love surprises, so I oblige.  Puts the pressure on me and my gift for him...just a tad. 

*Oh! Did I mention that when we travel down to Georgia for Christmas we are also going to Disney World for Kai's birthday on the 16th?  Our kids are going to FREAK OUT.  We made the decision to do this for our Christmas/birthday gifts to them, and thankfully the kids are all for it. I'm pretty darn excited myself. 

For some fun homemade gift ideas:

I made this rice heat therapy bag a couple years ago as a gift for my MIL.  Big hit-- do it! I also made a smaller one for a kid "boo-boo" bag to keep in the freezer for ouchies. 

Here is a great eye pillow tutorial.  Pretty Amy Butler fabric made it soft and sweet for my sis-in-laws.

And also.. anything Persimmon and Pink does in her shop is fantastic. She is closed for the next week, but it'll be ready with some holiday deals after she returns.  Wonderfully designed and I love how they look in my home.  Great gifts!  You can see some that I have purchased here and here.

What are YOU getting/making for your family? 


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That all sounds so exciting!

Debby said...

Thanks for all the information. Please show later what you make for the exchange. I wish I was exchanging with you. Mine are mailed.

Not sure what I will make yet. Loving everyone's ideas. I need to get Thanksgiving dinner (tomorrow) over with, then decorate the house for Christmas, two days of work then off in my plane (see my blog banner) to go visit the rest of my family in Colorado. I then hope to make some gifts to go with my gifts I buy for my family. Fun ahead, nope not going to stress......I must keep saying that.
Happy Thanksgiving Carrie.

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