Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chocolate Pie {Recipe from Mama}

Two years ago I stood in the grocery store line waiting to check-out.  As I loaded my holiday baking groceries out of my cart and onto the counter, I glanced down and spotted a recipe card.  It was old and worn, stained with sticky fingers symbolizing seasons of use in the kitchen.  
A hand written Chocolate Pie Recipe from Mama. 

I quickly glanced around to see who it might belong to.  I yelled, "Did anyone lose a recipe?" as I waived it in the air both inside the store and out.  No one responded, and so I tucked the 3x5 into my purse...somberly.  I wanted to return it to the owner so desperately, saddened by the fact that Mama might not be around anymore to write her recipe down again.

It has been in my recipe binder ever since.  I glance at it often...thinking that perhaps this Christmas I will bake THE chocolate pie.  But why should I keep such sweetness to myself?  This recipe holds a story, and one that I would like to continue to tell. 
Perhaps it is time to pass her recipe on. 
For some reason,
 I think Mama might fancy the idea. 


Cherie said...

I feel sorry for whoever lost that treasure of their mother's handwritten recipe card.
BUT Score for you!
I love computers but it makes me kind of sad that things like hand written recipe cards are a thing of the past.

Debby said...

The recipe fell into good hands. So glad that you didn't toss it. I always wonder why little things like this happen......maybe someday you will know why you found that recipe.

Wendy said...

That's sweet. I'm glad you are sharing. Maybe just maybe the owner will see it and give a finder reward.

Amanda said...

I printed it out and will make it tonight...I'll report back on the results!

Pasion Family said...

That recipe card fell into the right hands! Thank you for sharing it with us.. I love chocolate and OREOS!

Stef said...

You truly are a giver! Thanks!

Amanda said...

Okay here's the verdict: it's delicious BUT you need to at least partially pre-bake the crust. I wondered when I read the recipe, but ignored my gut. I should not have. The filling is delicious, but the crust was still raw when the filling was done.

It's very rich, but if you're a chocolate lover, definitely give it a try!

iamwoman said...

Wow! You really made it! Great tip on the crust!!!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Oh my word! I love that story! Recipe cards like that are good as gold.

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