Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I did it. I ordered Christmas cards.

But oh-goodness I didn't make them myself this time.  I mean, I DID design exactly what I wanted it to say on the card which basically changed the whole concept.  Except for the layout, and that one font, and the background.  Does that still count?  I think so.

Back in the day it was my goal in life to send out the best Christmas card.  Like, literally, the best.  The one where you felt so inferior by hanging it up on your fridge and at the same time relished in my sweet spiritual message.  Oh! The irony. 

Last year we had just moved back to Seattle and my job was relentless and I did not have time to do one.  That was REALLY hard for me because it was the first year I did not send one out.  And I am sure it was hard for you to not receive one, too.  In fact, there is this lovely chick in our old ward (church) in GA that expressed to my MIL how upset she was that she didn't receive one from me.  (Just trying to paint the picture of my Christmas card awesomeness here.) 

Previously on Lost, er..I mean...in the past, I would never use a generic Christmas card layout.  Instead, I used my mad Kinko skills and intimidated all with the most gorgeous professional film picture and heartfelt message.  Then I got photography famous and used my own photoshop and printing lab that made them uber nice.  They were creative, and classy, and heart-felt.  I would plan for months in advance the type of photo shoot I would do to reflect the perfect message. The ultimate feel inferior with your own card-- card.  AND, I had them done by Halloween.  Such a good girl, I am. 

But this year..


I decided to spend a lot less time developing the layout by using tinyprints (whose designs are scumptious) and a lot more time focusing on the picture of my kiddos and message.  All the while, hopefully sending off a lot less pressure to compete with me with your own card and a lot more love.  I think, this medium is a winner. 

Can't wait to mail them out.

(and oh...okay...I admit that I am a tiny wee bit excited to make you think, "crap...I wish I would have thought of that..."  I'm not perfect, you know.) 


Liz said...

I so beyond impressed and feeling the size of a pea. I moved to e-mail updates and a picture attached years ago. You truly are superwoman.

Amy said...

I've never done a Christmas card before. In the past, it was always the same thing:
Bret works at bank. Trying to get into dental school.
Amy works at dental office. Still.
Happy Christmas. Here's our picture.

Boring, right? Well, now that stuff's actually HAPPENING (Bret got into school, Amy quit dental office and we're having a baby) I might actually do one! We'll see.

I'm sure yours will turn out tre magnifique.

The Martos Fudge said...

With kids like that who can go wrong, you can put that picture on a piece of toilet paper and still have a beautiful card to send out. And now I must go figure out what we are going to do.

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