Thursday, January 20, 2011

a cupcake a day keeps the tears away

 (A picture I took years ago of my friends daughter at the lovely Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes.  A favorite.)

Dear Brianna,

Today you cried.  Not a slobbering blubbering my-boy-friend-dumped-me cry.  But instead it was an "eyes welled up with tears and your mouth quivering" cry (and if I recall, your foot stomped) because you said I broke a promise.

I promised that I would take you to our favorite cupcake place to celebrate your first day in your new school.

And when you came to my work and were all ready to go after your AMAZING first day where you saw that one friend and counted gravel in a science class, you came and said "let's go!"

But I couldn't.  I was working.  I could not pull away even for a moment. I said "sorry."

You left crying and I let you leave sad and darling girl, that broke my heart.

But work is over for the day.  Shall we leave now and will you let me keep my promise?  Even though it is later than planned?  Even though I let you leave crying?

I hope you say yes.

Because I'm in the mood for chocolate.  Or vanilla with cherry frosting.  Or orange cream.  Isn't there a rocky road on that cupcake menu?  Let's taste and see.


Patty Ann said...

Love this one. I have found myself doing the same thing, and had to stop myself too. I tend to be very careful what I promise so that these sweet girls never think that I take promises lightly. Love the idea of cupcakes together. There is just something so visual about it. Hope you had a wonderful time!

Mella & Syd said...

Oh my goodness. How sad! I hope that you were able to go and get cupcakes!

Wendy said...

Can't wait to hear what kind of cupcake you do get.....Best of luck with the new job settling-in phase

Amy said...

this is darling. I hope she read this! so sweet.

Stef said...

Now my lip is quivering. And my mouth is slobbering too. Take me with you. Pleeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzze!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yum....Love this!

InkMom said...

My sister's been telling me about your blog for months. I'm sorry it took you showing up in my comment box to prompt me to finally get over here. THis was a wonderful post -- thanks for sharing, and I'll definitely be back

Charlotte said...

I hate when I have to go back on a promise. At least you were able to get the cupcakes a little delayed!

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