Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How I introduce myself

When I lived in Perry, Oklahoma as a youth, I began to introduce myself as Carrie from Perry.  But only to those who didn't live in Perry.  That would be weird if I said "Hi.  I'm Carrie from Perry" to the store clerk in the same town that I lived.  Weird. 

But there was something so dramatic about saying such a thing about myself.  As if I were a refined lady from a rich land that I would never inherit from my father, as it was custom in England long ago for the sole inheritor to be a male.  So I must then go find a rich man to marry so that I could obtain an even nicer title like, "Lady Cordelia from Devonshire." 

And the fact that Carrie rhymed with Perry?  Well then, what a fine match!  I was remembered after every encounter, even months later, which has coincidentally been my entire goal in life...to make that kind of impact. My tombstone should read, "Everyone remembers this chick." 

So, as you can see, introducing myself in the right way is definitely one of my top priorities in life.  Right under being a chocolate-loving-baton-twirler. (Not a chocolate baton.  Yuck.  They are separate.  Understand?)

And yet, as I thought about this random topic of conversation for this here blog post, it occurred to me this morning that I don't really know if my introductions these days are worth remembering.  How exactly DO I introduce myself, I thought?  Is my name worth remembering?  Is my personality filled with such vigor that I most certainly cannot be forgotten by those I meet?  Do I introduce myself in a way that rhyming cannot even hold a candle to?

Shall we see?  Let me introduce myself.

I am Carrie Stroud.  Married to my husband Aaron Stroud for 10 years with my new legal last name beginning on August 5th, 2000.  You will probably know me by my photography name, "Carrie Stroud Photography" and by my written name on all legal forms, apartment rental leases, 3rd grade sign offs for Brianna's reading assignments, etc. 

I am Carrie BROWN Stroud on my email because I am just sure that someone from my past will only know me by my maiden name and so I must let them have access to my whereabouts still.  So far, this email introduction seems unnecessary because anyone who emails me knows me by my married name.  And yet it remains. For Erika who knew me in 4th grade. 

IAMWOMAN is how you will meet me on my blog profile.  Which is to say, hear me roar.  I am a lioness who writes and tells the good and bad of life.  A woman who encompasses all that a woman can encompass through words on the world wide web. A woman with confidence.  Grace.  Beauty.  A woman.  Enough said.

I am Carrie.  I'm anything but simple, but the simplicity of my name describes what I aspire to be.  Not untouchable.  Not inaccessible.  Simply...me. A lover of refinement but who is anything but. A girl who still hopes to find the strawberry lip gloss in the make-up aisle that she used every day as a teenager. Whose idea of happiness is dipping chocolate and licking everything but the spoon.  A person who is insecure and optimistic in one breathe. One who believes that a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of pecan pie is enough to send a friendship soaring. A girl who believes that "Hello" is good enough.  "I like talking to you, even for this brief moment," is good enough.  "Your smile is lovely," is good enough.  And it always will be.

So which name do you prefer?  Who should I be remembered as? How would you like me to introduce myself?

These days I am thinking that although I want to be remembered,  perhaps a "how do you do?" and a smile is good enough for right now.

No introduction needed


MommyJ said...

I think you're fabulous however you introduce yourself. You have a great voice, and that comes through after even just a few lines of conversation. At least, in written word. I can't say more than that since I've never actually spoken to you in person. :)

The Bagley Family said...

Introductions are highly overrated....well, to me they are because I can never remember anyone's name...but I always remember their dog's name. Just sad;)

Cherie said...

I am so bad with names (better with faces) that I would probably remember the Carrie from Perry better - ha ha.
I think however you introduce yourself you put your best face forward! I remember people who smile :-D

Patty Ann said...

I think Carrie is just perfect. I introduce myself as Patty, simple, ordinary, and no frills!

Stef said...

In the Deaf community, people only see your name once...then they never use it again.
I love your blog...fun, creative. That's how I remember, the roaring Carrie woman blog.

jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

You know what? No matter what your title, you are awesome.
The end.
I love reading your blog. Makes my heart smile.
{do they have an emoticon for that???}

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Actually, I was thinking that picture you put of your fingers covered in chocolate was the perfect way to introduce yourself! LOL!

Jenna said...

I LOVE IT! You are lovely and fabulous. I hope you get settled in and then we will have to eat cupcakes - GF for me. :)Have a awesome rest of the week!

Jenna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Almostgreat said...

I will always remember you as Cakey Brown. You could start by saying "Hi. I'm Cakey." It would start a conversation.

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