Monday, January 10, 2011

Hear Ye All Doritos Lovers

My family loves Doritos.  Personally, I think they are filthy and so bad for you and I can feel the powdered cheese clogging my insides right now.  But do I eat them occasionally?  Heck ya.

My best friend Mary's friend's son Eddie (did you get that?) and two of his colleagues made a commercial about Doritos and entered it into the Doritos Superbowl Commercial Contest. Theirs was selected as one of five finalists out of about 6,000 entries. Now the finalists are being aired on the internet for the voting public. The top three get aired on TV on Superbowl Sunday. So please vote for his commercial, entitled, "The Best Part". The ways to vote are listed below. You can vote daily until January 31. Voting also makes you eligible for a once a day drawing for Superbowl tickets or $1,500 cash in lieu tickets.
Without showing favoritism for Mary's friend's son and his collegues (because I am totally not a show-favoritism kinda person.  definitely not.  maybe. not so much.  kinda.  oh okay, yes I am.),  I think theirs is the best!

Here's the info for voting for their commercial:

There are multiple ways to vote, but I'll pass along the 2 best ways. The rule is that you can vote EVERYDAY in each method of voting (they actually allow repeat voting). The Frito Lay marketing team told us that the key to winning this voting phase is to have people vote again everyday.
1. Vote on their website:

2. If you have a smart phone, you can vote at: (look for "The Best Part")

2a. If you don't have a smart phone, you can still get this 2nd vote on the mobile site by going to:


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is awesome!!!! We'll vote!

Annette W. said...

That's cool!

(I don't even knwo what a smart phone is.)

iamwoman said...

Apparently a smart phone is a phone I don't have, nor is it a phone I am smart enough to get;)

J said...

FUNNY! HA! HA! I like it!

Mary Seals said...

Thanks! When I was pregnant with Delilah there was honest-to-blog a week where I ate almost nothing besides Doritos. I HAD to have Doritos. After that week, of course, I couldn't stand to eat them for the rest of my pregnancy, but it was an intense week.

Amy said...

I voted for your friend's friend's son and his colleagues' commercial not only because I'm your friend and I want to support you and your friend's friend's sons, but because theirs really was the best.

The pepsi ones, it was a toss up between the black couple with the health-nut wife who threw her can of pepsi at the jogger and the PSH ladies. both made me laugh out loud!

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