Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last night was giggle-icious around here.  They are out of school for an entire week (no it is NOT spring break) and for some crazy reason they think that regular bedtime is a thing of the past.  And well, we're going to let it go...just this once. 

Because the fact that Kai called himself "garbage" last night and the fact that Brianna sings NON-STOP can make a parent sit back and laugh a little.  And maybe okay a movie at 8pm.  And maybe give them some candy because they caught Rowdy and I red-handed.  And maybe laugh until our sides hurt when we all act out a scene from Shrek 4 over and over and over again as they finally get tucked into bed.  

An old picture circa 2008...I know...but I have it huge on my wall and I feel such immense happiness every time I look at it.  I haven't taken pictures of my kiddos in awhile. It's just so darn gray around here.  But I am going to be better and I am going to capture photos like these again when life and giggles and smiles are right in front of my face.  Because really, my kids are ridiculously gorgeous and funny and cool.

And they grow up way too fast.


Wendy said...

It's good to see pictures that remind you of happy times as you create more happy times. The memories just build.

Amy said...

I always love your posts!! this one is no exception. giggling is so stinkin fun.

likeschocolate said...

made me smile!

Pasion Family said...

I want to do the same :)

Bridget said...

I hate it when my kids catch me red handed with candy. Why don't they understand that it's okay for me but not so much for them?! ha ha

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