Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photography Website Feedback

Hello my thought-provoking friends!

Rowdy says I need to re-vamp my photography website.  I've been a bit out of it with a new full-time job change, but the fact remains that photography is a serious passion of mine and I would love to continue growing in my business (even though it's only part-time).  I feel like this year I need to refresh.

So!  Feedback would be awesome.  Could you go to my website and check out a few things for me?

1.  Should I get a new one?  New design...etc.  I really want the photographs to speak for themselves, so I'm curious if I can still be simple, yet add some needed flare.  It's about 3 years old, so I wonder if a re-do is necessary.

2. My website music.  Not sure if I'm loving it.  Suggestions on songs?  I prefer upbeat--rather than too somber, because I hope I portray some whimsy in my photographs. 

3. I try to update my photographs as I take new ones, so are there any that you have seen on my photo blog that should be added, or any taken off the website because they aren't super stunning to look at?  Websites should only show the absolute best work.

4.  Speaking of my photo blog ...does mine seem too blog-ish?  Do I need to change the lay-out?  I'm not sure if it just seems too unprofessional.

Okay!  I would adore some feedback if you have a chance!  Thanks!


likeschocolate said...

Here are two of my favorite websites for photograpy. I think your stuff is great! I wish I lived in Seattle because then I would get your to do some shoots of my prego belly. It will be my last baby.



MommyJ said...

Confession? I'd never actually visited your photography website. I think it's beautiful! From a first timer's perspective, I don't think I'd change anything. It felt heartfelt and real, and seemed very professional to me. And boy howdy, are you ever talented. :)

MoraPiggy said...

I think your photo site is fantastic. I have a friend who does event planning and is looking for a web host. Would you recommend yours?

And I think your photo blog is great too. It's bloggy but it's a blog. It works.

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