Monday, February 7, 2011

Rowdy Sings His Song {The Video}

You've all been waiting for husband's debut!  Pull your chair closer and turn that volume up because you are about to be introduced to STAR-dom. (and some pretty awesome hilarious-ness as well!) 

And if you lust after him as he sings, well, that is okay because I give you permission.  As long as it's like lusting after a chocolate bar.  If it goes to the chocolate shake level, well then...slow down there, Missy.

Also, my commentary and laugh in the background is just about the best thing you'll hear all week.  This week and 2 days even.  I promise.

Here's the story:  It turns out that Rowdy has never sung in front of anyone besides close friends and family members (if you don't count that talent show when he was 16.)  So, he decided to be bold and daring and sing in front of his communications class in Grad School yesterday.  Well, apparently, he bombed.  I don't believe it was that horrible, but still, he thinks it was and that is all that matters.  So, I talked him into recording this so that if one day he decided to redeem himself, I would have it ready and waiting.

SURPRISE, ROWDY!  I think you are ready to redeem yourself NOW. (Let's just hope he doesn't plant a virus in my blog after he finds out I did this. Seriously.  I'm a bit worried. Kinda. Really.)

SO, do him a favor and comment on his coolness, will ya?  I'm pretty sure an audience of giggly girls (and boys?) can perk any man up;)

He's got some really great songs that he has written, so hopefully this will be the first of many for everyone to hear.


June said...

Aaron did a most spectacular job showcasing his musical talents the other day at Antioch University. His voice was beautiful and lyrics left people breathless! (he brought me to tears!) So many people were buzzing in the halls during breaks, after class, about how talented Aaron is.

I know he's incredibly hard on himself, but he needs to give himself a little bit more credit for his first debut in front of such a huge crowd. Thank you for posting and sharing this with us Carrie. This was fun to watch and another testament of his love for you! (As classmates we get to hear how much he loves his family and how truly devoted he is to being a better man for you all.)

BTW Us hanging out is long overdue!! Jun and I would love to have you guys over for dinner! We're totally flexible, so just let us know what will work with your schedules!

And, I absolutely love your blog page and website! Great design!! : ) june

Mary Seals said...


natalie said...

Wowee! Very swoon worthy. You know... in a chocolate bar sort of way.
My husband sounds just like Kurt Cobain when he sings and plays. It magically takes me back to his late 90's long locks/ scruffy face /sk8r boi phase, and I tell him so every time. Oh baby.
...He doesn't like it when I remind him that he wasn't always a big nerd.

Wendy said...

How AWESOME to have someone sing about YOU! I like the line that he sings about how he is in awe of how you love him so. I bet it is a mutual attraction and love.

Amy said...

First of all I have to say I love your laugh!! So cute and contagious :)
Secondly, your hubby is so talented!! He's got a great voice. Reminds me of the lead singer for Rascal Flatts.
Thirdly, you guys are adorable. I love how you interact. I can tell you are so much in love!
Fourthly, I posted me and my hubby's wedding video on Facebook and he told me to take it off. (oops!) So i can understand husbands getting mad at posting videos of them online.
But he did great! And you guys did make me laugh. :)

sariqd said...

I agree, lighten up on the self-criticsm bit. I really like his voice... and it made me want to be on the beach and just watch the waves crashing. Hope he'll let you post more!

Mella & Syd said...

How sweet and I am glad that he did get in front of the class and also record. There was a time that he was going to be a classical Guitarist. Remember that? I'm proud of him.

Demotheus said...

I'll be one of those boys you mentioned.
Aaron is awesome. I am lucky to have seen both accounts (the live and this video). He is talented and adorable and you already know this, heck you married him.

Alas, the good ones are always taken (just kidding!).

Just let him know that self-criticizing went out of style a few years back so he needs to stop wearing it.

Corley said...

I already knew he was amazing! I think he's gotten even better since I last heard him!

RowdyStroudy said...

I went kicking and screaming... love you Carrie! Thanks for the love everyone!

Mommy #1 said...

I love that he forgot the words -- or is that part of the song and he just pulled it off with your perfectly-cued laughter in the background for added effect? ;-D

Bethanne said...

Please tell Aaron that I think he did a fabulous job and that I am so glad that I was able to see it! It has been so interesting seeing the men that became of that miscreant group of boys we grew up with. They are all pretty amazing (now! hahahaha - just kidding). Anyway, I loved the performance and was grateful to have been included on Aaron's email so that I could view it. Awesome! :)

And what a good wife to have posted it without his permission. Sometimes our men need our help because we CAN see their potential; even if they cannot. :)

aimee said...

At first when people say "my husband plays guitar"I think "sure, sure."

I was very surprised! Aaron sounds awesome. Great job. Thanks for sharing with us.

J said...

So great! YAY! I love it!

leannak said...

whoa, whoa, whoa! I never knew he could sing! That was awesome! Great job Aaron!!

Charlotte said...

He did a great job!

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