Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Few Wednesday Things

Isn't this table setting from Mary Swensen just lover-ly?  Inspiration all the way.

Such an odd day, this Wednesday.  It serves no real purpose for me.  Perhaps I need enlightened, but for me Wednesday is just half-way through the week, and half-way isn't that awesome because I am definitely a half-glass empty kinda gal. Wednesday.  BORING.

So let's make it happy, shall we?

Things that have made me happy so far in this half-way week:

1. My hubby and his awesome soundtrack

2. I just noticed that I have 99 followers.  The anticipation of getting to 100 just kills me. But I'm happy and content to just stay put because anticipation can be super fun. (Update!  101!  It's a Miracle!)

3. There is more in my bank account than I thought there was.  Isn't that just the loveliest thing ever? Still checking to see if there is a catch though.  Get it?  I'm a hoot.

4. Considering taking laugh lessons. I feel rusty.

5. I am planning a baby shower (well, in my head for the time being) for a friend after the baby's birth.  It is going to be spectacular...uhmmm....when I can think of my theme. I have considered "The bun in the oven is out!" with a fabulous bread-y breakfast/cinnamon rolls, etc.  The invites should be adorable--maybe hand delivered inside a pot holder or tied to a rolling pin? Or should I try another take on my storybook shower since it is her 4th baby?  No baby items are needed...just a fun celebration!

6. I decided to go old school with old school valentines for the kids school.  Say that 5x fast.  No really, after making the treat boxes last year and then dealing with the principle/parent aftermath....bring on the generic valentines please!

7. After a 3 week hiatus, Kai started in his new Pre-K class and it's going great.  YAY! 

8. I finally hung up my kids beach pictures and they make me so super happy to look at. 

How's YOUR Wednesday?


Cherie said...

It was pretty much an Orange Juice day for me - ha ha.
I could not quit spilling orange juice this morning and that just led to other messes all day long - Total Klutz!!!

Mommy #1 said...

Speaking of baby showers -- I need an idea. A girl who moved into the ward just after we did is having a baby boy any day now. It's her first - she doesn't have hardly anything and, obviously, she doesn't really know anyone. They are considering cloth diapers, so she needs money more than diapers, but they really don't have that much in terms of the bigger needs, either. I want to have a fun shower, but I also want it to DO something, more than just the usual games and presents thing. So . . . ideas? She doesn't have a theme for the baby, and jury's still out on if he'll come early or not.

Debby said...

I like the Fairy Tale shower but if it is her 4th they probably have tons of books.
What about a supply shower......diapers and wipes. They do this at school where my son works. It was really helpful for him to receive such a good supply of those two items.

Stef said...

Wednesdays are my busiest days. I hate them. It is go-go-go.
Maybe I need to make my cup half full. Nah!
Your shower idea sounds fun! Go with it.

InkMom said...

I once threw a shower for a dear friend and I called it a "Sip 'n See" -- we sipped punch (of course, a bunch of Mormons) and ate lots of delicious brunch-type food and saw the ned baby. It was a great party, even if I do say so myself.

(My kids keep me from throwing parties much any more. I miss is. I will live vicariously through you.)

(I don't ordinarily follow people as a general rule, unless I did it before I decided not to do it, but if you hadn't gotten to 100 by the time I read this, I was going to do it. Seriously.)

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